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Hey, will there maybe added some funny achivements? This game looks to be predestinated for that!!!
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Achivements would spoil the gameplay before you even opened the game. This has already been discussed in a few steam threads before.
Nope, not necessarily. See 'The Swapper' as an example. There I have no idea what the heck the achivements are about. But they keep me search around. I like the idea with the purple self-moving blocks that are strewn all around. Achivement descriptions really don't have to be precisely and can be made confusing that they don't spoil anything.
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Even just "obtain the red gun" as an achivement would be a spoiler that there IS a red gun; there are plenty of people who have gotten to the end with just the yellow gun because they didn't know that it existed.

"Find all the pink cubes" would be a spoiler that there are pink cubes to be found, plenty of people don't ever find a single one of the 13 possible to find (although there are 15 in the game, but that's a completely diffeent topic)
Well your description isn't well-considered.

Look at botanica. achievement titles and discriptions can say absolutely nothing if they want.
I'm not against having achivements, just the idea of spoiling any part of the game before you even play it. If you believe that blank achivements are even worth obtaining, then sure.
skzk 2014年4月8日 13時57分 
Well, you could make them all hidden achievements, I guess.
there we go. they tend to reveal themselves AFTER you unlock them. But only to you iirc, so they will know something unlocked but it wont spoil it on the activity screen. If they want to see it they can just check a steam guide or online FAQ. Xbox and ps3 have been doing this for quite some time.
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also its good becuase then the game would count towards my "finished game" count on my stats. Though of course it is debateible if a true 100 counts the bonus hidden rooms Still, those are just extras in my opinion.
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Quorry 2014年5月21日 17時59分 
They could make achievements that only make sense in hindsight. Sorry, can't think of any examples off the top of my head.
Sarge 2014年5月21日 19時24分 
I think having all of them as hidden achievements would work well with the game, since you don't understand a single thing until after you try something. All of the signs are only available after you get past the obstacle they reference. Hidden achievements would function similarly to signs in that regard, and it would easily allow for achievements to be made for the bonus rooms and pink cubes, or beating the game or an obstacle in an unintended way.
Rekkonin の投稿を引用:
or beating the game or an obstacle in an unintended way.
Then surely it's intended if the developer knows about that particular solution to be able to have an achievement for doing it.

It is extremely hard to find an unintended puzzle solution in Antichamber, even if you think it's unintended or glitchy, it's most likely not. There are only a small few things that are unknown as intended mechanics or bugs (i.e. if you right-click on a regenerating cube and then use the yellow gun mechanic to move another cube into the same space as the regenerating cube that you had just right-clicked on, it will merge the two cubes, deleting one. <-- That has not been officialy confirmed as bug or as intended, but either way, it doesn't necessarily make the solution you found using it to be an unintended/unknown solution).

As a speedrunner of Antichamber, the speedrunning community has only found ~7-9 bugs/glitches in the game (only bugs/glitches that help with solving puzzles). Most of the bugs in the game are graphical or technical, and in no way would even help with any puzzles. The speedrunning community has even compiled a list of all of the known/found bugs and glitches in the game:
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Sarge 2014年5月21日 22時12分 
I guess that wasn't the best wording I could have used. I suppose instead of unintended, maybe not the original or direct way of accomplishing a goal (even though there's nothing direct in the whole game). The obvious achivements like getting to a hidden room, or finding all of the signs shouldn't be too hard, and I'm not saying that just because they're easy to implement, they should exist. Other things, though, would require some interesting checks to trigger an achievement unlock, like performing some of the "workarounds" like the one you mentioned or any of the tricky angled block pick-ups. And beating without the red gun (or yellow, if you wanna go hardcore with all the glitches) seems like a pretty good achievement too.

I think my favorite part of the game is that, at least for the average player, you can never really be sure you've actually discovered, completed, or unlocked everything in the game, and to have achievements that don't really exist until you find them, I think that would work well with and reflect the same feeling the rest of the game delivers.

I'm not very into the speedrunning community for anitchamber, though I've watched a few runs and have managed a pretty nice (legitimately awful) run in a bit under 15 minutes. I have nothing but admiration for people who can refine their play and strategies and keep such sharp focus on one goal to the point that I've seen in some of these glitched runs.
Rekkonin の投稿を引用:
And beating without the red gun (or yellow, if you wanna go hardcore with all the glitches) seems like a pretty good achievement too.
It was honestly pure luck that allowed us to even discover that beating the game with the green gun is possible. For the longest time we only knew about the way to beat the game with yellow (although that was much slower than just going to grab the red gun first).

History of how we found it:
A few of us speedrunners were on Skype while watching an Antichamber first playthrough livestream, after we had just done a few 120 Signs speedrun races (on SRL[]). The broadcaster's game was lagging so badly that it was hard to watch at some points without missing a lot of footage, but after he had found the red gun and done a few puzzles, he happened upon "The End" door, and he "somehow" still had cubes in his gun after entering The Chase (he didn't notice, but we sure did). After that we went about testing with lag and how the game handles lag. To our surprise, it handles lag much like DK64 handled it; skipping frames to compensate for lag in order to make the game appear to keep a constant fps even if it was lagging. This we later found to be helpful in skipping frames you would normally have been touching a disintegrator field. Thus, allowing you to use lag to essentially "bypass" a disintegrator field and not lose your cubes, if the lag is applied properly (otherwise the game just freezes/crashes from too much lag)
We found only a few good (and by good, I mean fast) methods of causing lag, but those are covered on that page of bugs (under "Lag Glitch"), so I won't detail them here.

Also, for any interested, we have Antichamber speedrun leaderboards here (most of the times are links to videos):
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Californ1a の投稿を引用:
Achivements would spoil the gameplay before you even opened the game. This has already been discussed in a few steam threads before.
No. In those threads, or at least the one I remember, it was pretty thoroughly shown that achievements would NOT spoil gameplay if they were done properly. Ambiguous Achievement names, hidden achievements, and achievements that have nothing to do with the end goal would all work well for adding replay value to a game that desperately needs it.

I really wish that you would stop treating it like the only thing to do after beating the game is freaking speed runs. There are plenty of other aspects of the game to explore, and that the player should be encouraged to explore, which is what achievements do when they're done right.

This is the best list of achievements I could scrape together from that thread, the names are the only thing that the player would see until after they got the acheivement. The parenthesis would not be made visible until at least after achieving it.

Basic Game Progress Achievements -
1) Blue (get blue gun)
2) Green (get green gun)
3) Yellow (get yellow gun)
4) Red (get red gun)
5) *HIDDEN* Black (get black gun)
6) *HIDDEN* White (Beat the game)
7) Plant a Field (create a square of green blocks to grow new green blocks)
8) Marching Orders (use red or yellow gun to move blocks)
9) Stare (stare an eye until it blinks)
10) Shun (turn your back on an eye)
11) Going Up (Ride a block elevator from a lower room to one above it)

Collection Acheivements -
1) Avid Reader (find all signs, Show progress)
2) Fifty Blue Pickup (collect 50 blocks with the blue gun)
3) Developing Interest (Find all dev rooms)
4) Enough Room (find all rooms)
5) Think Pink (Find all possible pink blocks and move them to the ends of their paths)
6) Tile and Error (Step on every tile in the "falling tiles" dev room without falling)

Challenge Acheivements -
1) Beat the Clock (win within time limit)
2) No Escape (beat the game without needing to escape back to the start)
3) Yellowin (Beat the game without picking up the red gun)
4) Taste the Rainbow (gather all four colors of blocks onto a single wall)
5) Don't Jump to the Chase (get to the Chase scene without pressing the jump button)
6) Hop, Skip, and a Jump (beat the entire game while only pressing jump 3 times)
7) No Going Back (Beat the game without using the back button)

Extra Achievements -
1) Clock Blocked (let the timer run out)
2) A Fresh Perspective (reset your progress after having beaten the game)
3) Paint the Town (cover an entire wall with red blocks)
4) Escape Clause (use the escape button to leave a room)
5) Stairway to Heaven (climb up the steps in the red/blue step room 10 times in a row)
6) Stairs to the Other Place (descend the steps in the red/blue step room 9 times in a row)

As long as none of these have that description, none of them will give away anything until after you've already gotten what it is the achievement is for, or at least realize it's there to get.

That's at least 11 normal achievements that people will get just through the course of beating the game, plus several others bringing the total to an even 30. All ranging from extrordinarily easy to extremely difficult, almost all of them forcing you to think differently in how you play and explore the actual features of the game, instead of simply (find the quickest route)
Exploring different facets of the game is the entire reason for Achievments to even exist, and particularly for a game like Antichamber, having different challenges to work towards after the basic "beat the game" is extremely important to the replay value.
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