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Post your best time and cause of death:
Like the topic says:

No posting games where you have not yet died. Whats interesting is what killed you and how far along you were.

My personal best on vanilla sandbox:

31 days death due to freezing

I had a great camp set up with a meat effigy, 8 drying racks, refrigirator full of food, 2 chests full of supply, and about 6 turbo farms with a wall to hide from hound attacks and 3 tooth traps. Also the camp was close to a tier 3 spider nest and beefalo herd.

I had found otto von chester on day 2 which made setting up this awesome camp so much easier. Unfortunately he died earlier in a forest fire andif he had been around I would have probably lived.

It was middle of winter, but i had my winter cap, a planted forest near and a bunch of rabbit holes close. My only weakness was healing, but i was planning to make a run to get bee hives once spring came.

Then in the middle of around day 27 or 28 that winter boss spawned at night near my camp. I had just survived a pretty nasty hound attack so I couldnt really engage him. He comes in and takes out a drying rack then leaves.

I wake up the next day and kite a treebeard i had gotten in a tangle with a week earlier that kicked my butt and ultimately planted pinecones to make go away. Well, the winter boss one shots the treebeard and then beelines to my camp and takes out my meat effigy and alchemy machine.

I run up to him and smack him and he hits me once, but Im ok. So then I kite him to the spider den. He proceeds to hit me once more when he summons the spiders and then just decimates them.

I go back to camp as he has dropped aggro and wait it out and heal by eating my dried meats. I decide once healed that I haveto take this guy out. I go back to spider den and am in the process of forumlating a plan of attack when decides to go back to my camp again and destroy some more.

This time he takes out my fire pit and a large portion of my stone wall. I decided to kite him to the beefalo herd thinking that might work. He proceeds to kill all the beefalo. Im starting to freeze so I make a fire out by the herd and camp the night.

The next day to my dismay, i see a ton of beefalo meat and fur and I decide to harvest it and just ignore this winter boss. Actually, I think he may have died cause I dont remember seeing him. I gather all the beffalo supplies and head back to my camp to rebuild.

I think to myself as im laying all my meat on the drying rack that although all the beefalo are dead I have 40 meat and I still have the fridge so im fine till winter is over.

Then it starts to snow hard and I remember my fire pit is toast. No problem, I'll just build a new one. Except I ran out of grass. Frantically I start trying to find grass to start my fire before I freeze to death. I run out by the beefalo herd plains but I had already farmed the grass earlier in the season. Im running across the map trying to find grass to build any fire and then die at day 31 to the cold.
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Slurms 19.3.2013 kello 20.06 
Only just played for the first time. Got to Day 2 lol. But this was a good story.
Dancing 19.3.2013 kello 20.11 
Great Story, I can't seem to make it past day 13... how are people dealing with them hounds? I always die when they show up, unless the pigs are out.

Which is how I most recently died, II was having a hard time surviving because I was having an inventory lock crisis because I had assumed I would find chester. So I'm look on sanity and im hungry. I survive by forging and my farms blossom the next day with food. Then the hounds show up at night, and all the pigs are inside thier houses. I'm like no biggy, ill just run around until morning.

Fire goes out. I die.
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Hounds will attack anything you lead them near. Also they cant really hit you as long as you keep moving. So just run to a pig village or beefalo herd and run circles untill the hounds attack them and get slaugheted. Alternatively you can build a walled off alcove with a fire pit and surround it with traps.

Building a tent helps for night attacks which is where they are most dangerous. If you hear them coming grab food and sleep in the tent. Then it will be daytime and you can lead them away from your camp. They will destroy certain structures and fire hounds can set you bush/shrub farms on fire.
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