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frostedmist 2013년 7월 23일 오전 8시 51분
Proteus: the Tale of a Journey
"My first serious journey was heartwarming. I opened my eyes in the middle of the sea, without any land in sight, but as soon as I started swimming I saw the Island. I exited the water looking around me and searching for birds, lakes, statues. It was almost dawn when a big, fallen tree caught my attention, so I climbed the hill to get closer and, looking down, I saw the circle for the first time. Running down the hill I got distracted by two owls. The owls were looking at me. 'The circle is waiting!', said the first. 'You have to go!', said the second. But I was lost. I couldn't find the circle anymore, and I thought I was going in the wrong direction when some lights like fireflies showed me the right path and I saw the cirle again, sparkling with hundreds of tiny stars. I knew Spring was over, but I couldn't care less. Viewing the future was breathtaking. The dancing of dozens of light around brought me to the Summer, which I explored with maybe too much eager. I saw a little lake, and I smiled, because I liked the Summer, and ran up and down the hill again. I was scared to go too far from the circle, so I sat down waiting for the dawn, again. Then is when I knew my Summer was over. But I couldn't wait to see Fall's colors. When Fall came, everything was faster but beautiful. I swam under the rain, and found a brown tree right before the beach. Fall was almost over. I knew I had to finally enter the Winter, so I stopped under that tree and just pacefully waited. Night came, and I saw some stones nearby, and everything was brighter but I got lost again, for I explored too far from the circle. The Fall's night didn't guide me that much. I saw a wolf, and it looked me in the eyes before disappearing. I got no evidence of that, though. Just the memory of his pale figure disappearing behind a tree. I finally reached the circle and the night wasn't bright anymore. So I entered a swarm of dozens and dozens of lights and there came Winter, which scared me out of my wits. Eveything was too dark and too white and too silent to just keep walking anymore. There was a tree, in that circle. It looked like someone's grave. I sat under it, waiting for night to come and thinking about life, and seasons. Does the life resemble them, or is the contrary? Before I could realize it, I was flying. No lights at the end of that night. I decided to fly over a creepy statue circle, just because I liked it. I stared at the sky until, looking down, I could see no more ground. As my eyes closed, the moon was all I could see - shining there like a blind pupil. That was the end of my journey. And I was happy."

In my profile there are screenshots correlated with this story. I would be glad to hear about your best journey as weel. :]
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