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The Dootlord 2013年2月13日下午4:07
What should I do on the last night of winter?
Also, what is the ending like? I almost don't want to go through the ending at all...
I want to know something that doesn't make me sad. I seem to care about day & night a lot, so that's a problem...
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Stagger Lee 2013年2月22日下午6:18 
Wait until one whole day in winter passes and you will see the wonderful ending.
Rumi 2013年2月23日上午5:50 
I always find winter bittersweet. I usually end up surveying the whole island because there aren't many things to linger on during the day. So I pass by all of the places I had seen on the island and see them transformed by the season.
Jeruzalem 2013年2月24日上午5:18 
its snowing out here right now and i see the softness the snow brings, how it covers up all the dirt and CUT THE CRAP ALREADY! winter sucks, you catch colds, traffic accidents happen by the minute and you pay more because you need to make your house warmer. theres nothing magical about it... you guys watched too many christmas anime's...
最后由 Jeruzalem 编辑于; 2013年2月24日上午5:19
Jeruzalem 2013年2月24日上午5:20 
not to mention the shopping. oh god, the horror! do you have any idea how horrible it is to guess the right gift for your little girl? you just NEED to know what to get her, or you will get a whole year of angry cries and bad looks of her :(
Jeruzalem 2013年2月24日上午5:22 
try to explain to her that santa didnt knew what to get to her, or when she is 6 and santa is a fraud. the only hope you got is that some random turd doesnt tell her that the eastern bunny is fake too, so she asks you, daddy, is da east bunny fake? where you stare at her, with sweat dripping from your head, knowingly, that no matter what you answer, she knows the truth and will cry. so you stall it, as long as you can.
最后由 Jeruzalem 编辑于; 2013年2月24日上午5:22
The Dootlord 2013年4月5日下午5:36 
I know... It's just TOO bittersweet for me..
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