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Am I the only one who played this and thought this world would make a perfect 3d realization of the original style of the Kings Quest AGI games in Daventry? IT WOULD BE AMAZING. Can we just license the engine and make crazy new FPS kings quest games?

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I read this post and just realized how fitting it is... so no, you're not the only one :) very good idea
Wow, I was just thinking how similar to the early KQ games the graphics look and the saw this post... It would be amazing, indeed.
I was immediately reminded of The Black Cauldron - another Sierra adventure game - myself.
Amazing, this game reminded me of Kings Quest too! Don't really know why, it just has this "magic" mood that some old games had.
Thanks for showing me that I'm not the only one : )
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This is a feel good thread.
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totally agree! good pairing
If not licensing the engine, how about making a mod? (I don't think we have the tools to do that, but still)
First thing I thought when i fired up the game. There is totally a wood cutter in that cabin who needs some magic stew so you can get his fiddle so you can climb the mountain and... yeah.
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