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Don Alfonso Dec 23, 2016 @ 5:14pm
DDoS Attacks On Australian Servers
As pretty much everyone in the Australian Chivalry community is aware the servers are under constant fire from a player who is known most commonly known by alias 'Redemption'. It's almost impossible to play the game anymore because whenever a server becomes somewhat populated it is DDoS'd and all players are forced to exit (if they haven't already been automatically disconnected). Some nights when he's away it's okay, other days the game is unplayable.

He leaves his fake 'rank-up' servers running so that people are forced into joining his server after crashing the official ones, and then destroys player's ranks.

Enough is enough, something needs to be done, now. If not for the sake of Chivalry, for the sake of Mirage, because I'm sure whatever is being done to bring down the current servers we play on can easily be utilized in the new game. I'm really dissapointed that this is still a problem, this guy has been ruining our Chivalry experience for over a year now, and many players have resigned permanently as a result; many loyal, appreciated players.

My rank has been ruined. My rank hasn't been restored. The servers are always crashing. Players are leaving. And I'm wondering why I'm spending my time caring about a game which doesn't care about it's players.

Aclaeus (rank: -21)
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Soulcatcher Dec 26, 2016 @ 10:12pm 
I've played on AU servers on and off for one or two years. I've got around 700 hours play time.

I've dueled Aclaeus the original poster of this thread multiple times and can vouch he is a decent guy and respectful player.

The points he has raised in his post are relevant and true, ask any consistent AU player and they will tell you it's the player called Redemption glitching ranks and DDoSing servers.

It's not disputed. It's so well known it's not even funny, like the help we've been getting dealing with this.

There is points in time were he will literally DDoS servers for days on end, the AU servers are completely unplayable. This game is getting old and the community small, but the love for Chiv is ever present.

Please do something. The guy will make new steam accounts, buy new versions of the game, please implement some sort of restraint that will keep him gone.

You need to do something TB because this person is preventing a very large amount of people playing your game.

And poor buggers like Aclaeus get rank glitched to -21 and have weapons locked out for good.


Soulcatcher ( rank 60 ) don't know what rank I should be.

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