The Banner Saga: Factions

The Banner Saga: Factions

where did the real game go?
I thought Stoic was making a turn based strategy game that had a deep single player experience and story? is this it? a multiplayer free-to-play-and-take-your-money-with-no-sense-of-accomplishment type game? i'm disappointed
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If you would do a little research you would know that this multiplayer is an intro into the single player. Some kind of demo. This is the combat mode from the single player which is used to advertise the game and let players play it against each other. The single player is supposed to be out later this year. I honestly think the multiplayer is rather fun. As you are trying to outwit your opponent. The accomplishment is a lot more just from game to game, as the joy from winning your opponent in tactical battle. Which is always fun. There is as well tournament every week which you can try to win.
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hey, i was this games biggest fan before it came out. then, instead of a meaty single player game using the georgeous hand drawn art, we get this free-to-steal model. by the way, i DID do some research before posting. the official website touts the factions game and I saw now mention of the single player game. maybe it is buried in the website somewhere, but that doesn't give me a whole lot of confidence

Not that much research: 2 clicks in you'll find the kickstarter updates.[]

They've been working pretty hard on the game and it's really annoying to see this multiplayer mode get misconstrude as a 'free-to-steal' mode. Especially when it was ANNOUNCED in their kick starter video that they would be releasing the multiplayer first while they work on the Single player.

Here's a link to the kickstarter announcement video where it was mentioned at 3:57:

The reaction to the multiplayer release has been bemusing to say the least. It was announced repeatedly that factions would be around to give backers and players a chance to play the game before the Single player and yet the devs have caught so much ire off backers for doing this.

The backer reaction has been akin to ordering a pizza with pepperoni on it at a restaurant and when said pizza arrives, as stipulated - with pepperoni. The Customer turns around and says "OMFG! Pepperoni what is this!? I didn't ask for this!!! Throw it aginst a wall somewhere I hate it! And you!"

Hell, Alex Thomas explained it better in this article with Gamasutra.[]

In short, it's hard to keep your backers informed when they don't read/watch what you're telling them. It's lIke shouting into a well of ignorance - you just hear your own words thrown back at you, distorted and wrong.
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is it just me, or is a single player game much easier to release than a multiplayer game? doesn't the complany have to build a server to handle the load and code for match making and play testers for balance issues, etc? since the graphics and game mechanics are done, what is left for single player? story? text? is that so hard?

I'm sorry, but i don't see the rationale for releasing this sub-par multiplayer game before the single player game other than to milk people for $, hence free-to-steal.

And as to researching, sorry if i was looking for something other than an expired kickstarter page. how about an official website that specifies that the single player game is still a thing. heck, the website seems designed exclusively for the multiplayer game.

what's more, the kickstarter page (i'm not a big fan of kickstarter) says that the single player game is their focus. taken all together, i think this is a load of bull and I am thoroughly disappointed with what they have done
You don't need to like the game. But they have and are continuing to do, everything they said they would...

Nothing wrong with thinking they need to be more clear about it either (though its fair to disagree with that as well).

All said and done though. You have now been informed that, yes there is a single player game in the works, as you had previously thought. And while perhaps they havn't spread the news enough beyond the kickstarter, in the end the backers are the only people that they actually need to keep informed. The rest is up to them.

So in regards to the statement in your original post. "Disappointed there's no single player mode in the works", you can now, no longer be.
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you can now, no longer be.

we'll see
As an actual backer I can promise they are still working on the game and have sent out numerous updates so far. The game will be worth the long wait and I am absolutely thrilled to see Stoic taking their time with this product in order to make the most of everyone's investments.

The main game will involve a lot of combat. Makes sense to me for them to hash out that system first, and Factions is an excellent way to crowdsource the testing as well as garner extra funding to put towards game development.
I really like the Games´s Visuals, and Combat system. Of course I´m curious about the Singleplayer Campaign this year, and I will definatly take a look on this game again. ^.^
Im a backer too, and was one of the earliest players into the Beta. I had the opportunity to interact with the Devs regularly. They have delivered on every promise they have ever made to us. If they say a single player campaign is coming, I will believe it until they tell me otherwise, or I see objective proof that it is not so.

About Factions itself: To call factions a "game" is a misnomer of the highest order. It is not a game, but rather a tool to assist the developers in creating the combat component of the game they advertised and intend to offer later this year. It has also served as a tutorial for those of us who took the time to learn how to play. We saw the various character classes that were released go through various iterations to balance the combat, and had to learn new tactics to deal with the changes along the way. Yet the community stayed (largely) positive and mutually supportive. I do not understand why people think that the Factions development tool is sub-par. It works exactly as advertised, gave the devs information they needed about the design, and has been challenging to play well. As a development tool, it has to have far exceeded expectations.
Question becomes, will they bother to release the single player if they are already earning a butt load on the nickle and dime free to play model.
Here's a recent article on on this very subject.

The game isn't making money, because they didn't build in any incentive for players to actually spend their money:

The other big barrier on Factions’ end is that it doesn’t really, er, make money, but that’s not something Stoic plans on changing any time soon.

“We were so afraid of a bad backlash against Factions that [we didn't try to monetize it much],” explained Thomas.

“One of the things that’s difficult for Factions about selling things is it’s a competitive PVP game,” said Watson. “You can’t sell advantage. That’s rule number one. You can’t buy advantage in Factions. You can speed up progression and you can buy vanity items. We made the decision to make it not pay-to-win.”

“I joke that we probably could’ve made the same amount if we just put a tip jar in the game,” Jorgensen chuckled. “But Factions is at this point paying for its own servers and maybe a lunch every other week.”

Anyone who's actually played the game longer than half an hour will understand this article. Anyone who hasn't is welcme to their opinions, however ill-informed and ill-considered they are.

sure, that makes a whole lot of sense...I guess Stoic is the only company in business not to make money. I totally believe that. They are running a game at cost and to buy them lunch every other week. Sure....
Again, if you've actually played the game, it would make a lot of sense. If you'd bothered to do any research whatsoever, it would make a lot of sense. If you'd actually check out what they're selling in the game, it would make sense. You've done none of this.

I'm sorry you can't understand this. I really am.
yes, because researching video games is a life priority. I played this game. I don't need hours and hours of "research" to know that it's not what was advertised in the kickstarter site. I want a real game, meat and potatoes, not some wishy-washy free-to-play-to-be-gay crap.

Being a fanboy, having put in 50+ hours into this game, I understand why you don't understand this. I'm sorry you don't. I really am.
Your argument that "it's not what was advertised in the kickstarter site" has already been proven false. Why are you even bothering if you're not going to actually read and respond to the things people actually say?

I'm not even suggesting you play 50+ hours. Half of one would do.

Also, the "real game" is coming, exactly as promised. That's not made up. It's factual. There's actual gameplay footage on Stoic's YouTube channel. Acknowledging verifiable reality doesn't make me a fanboy. It makes me rational.

I honestly don't know why I'm even debating this with you, because you're either trolling me for kicks or you're too set in your unfounded opinions to even consider other arguments.
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