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cprince  [Entwickler] 15. Jan. 2013 um 16:53 Uhr
1.91.4 patch out
  • Options to turn on / off strobes for those of a delicate persuasion
  • Options to turn off monitor fritz effects in-game for boring people
  • The scrollwheel is now consistently ordered! Your currently selected droid is highlighted with a larger circle on the HUD
  • AZERTY keyboards now supported; however I had to remap the Q/E droid scroll keys to R/F instead (PGUP/DN works too)
  • You can now select teammates with the number keys, displayed above on the HUD.
  • Bosses get more hitpoints
  • Taking any hits from anything will slowly and permanently reduce your chassis whether you take damage or not. Avoid flames!! After 100 hits your droid is toast whether it's a G101 or a K999
  • Fixed some AI bugs in the friendlies that caused them to just sit around not doing anything
  • Fixed some more AI bugs in the friendlies that caused them to shoot you
  • Fixed even more AI bugs in the friendlies that allowed them to shoot droids you were attempting to transfer to
  • Super Health powerup now remarkably rare
  • Even more fancy pants distortion effects
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spiritofcat 15. Jan. 2013 um 17:11 Uhr 
After restarting steam to get the game working I now have a small graphical glitch to report.
The spider droid is placed exactly where my droid was at the start of the level, and the crosshair is where my crosshair started out too.
Everything works fine, but there's just these two images stuck to the HUD.

Edit: quit the game and loaded it again and now the problem is gone.
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cprince  [Entwickler] 15. Jan. 2013 um 17:14 Uhr 
That's caused by a failure to deserialize your savedgame (it will have broken between 1.91.3 and 1.91.4) - just exit the game and restart it again to clear the dummy sprites.
Winged_Owl 15. Jan. 2013 um 20:25 Uhr 
Great patch; thanks for the quick response to issues. I am a software guy, so I really appreciate the work.
Z0nK 16. Jan. 2013 um 6:42 Uhr 
Number selection works perfectly. Thank you!
Spudanky! 16. Jan. 2013 um 19:43 Uhr 
Wait, trying to understand the degrading chassis. I get the 100 hit points across all droids, but does the chassis still degrade over time if your not getting hit? or is it strictly related to hits now?
cprince  [Entwickler] 17. Jan. 2013 um 2:33 Uhr 
It is strictly related to hits now. So it's totally fair and skill based.
Spudanky! 17. Jan. 2013 um 12:53 Uhr 
very cool.
Spudanky! 17. Jan. 2013 um 18:00 Uhr 
I can't play this yet so I'ma keep asking annoying questions: so the super health powerup doesn't repair chassis? And once the chassis is fully degraded, does the droid blow up or can you keep fartin' along with the alarm sounding?
Spudanky! 17. Jan. 2013 um 23:13 Uhr 
...and I'm assuming the chassis degrades even when protected by a forcefield power up? Ballsy!
cprince  [Entwickler] 18. Jan. 2013 um 2:30 Uhr 
The super health powerup does what it always did - totally repairs a droid. However, it is exceedingly rare now.

Once the chassis is degraded to 0% it means it can never have any hitpoints - so one scratch and it'll blow up.

The Super Shield totally protects you, even from chassis degradation. (You are also rendered immune for very brief periods after taking damage, and after transferring, and after teleporting)
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