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Red Dragon Mar 28, 2013 @ 3:52pm
Shout out to developers - thanks for being so awesome.
Bought all your four games on steam, though I was a bit hesitant about RoTT because of its tower defense nature (I got plenty TD games so I got high expectations).

Just wanted to say thanks for being such awesome developers who keep improving their old games. I know many of your games go way back and it's just awesome that you still take care of them instead of abandoning them after their initial sales push. I played the old Ultratron what must have been years ago and when I saw it on steam I had to pick it up - wow, total makeover and all for the better. (I recall the old Ultratron was all about getting the gun power improvement up before upgrading anything else if you wanted a high score, so the balance always seemed kinda broken). Now the game's just awesome - and so is droid assault, though I only played the demo quite some time ago. New pot plants - ingenious! Finally some organic stuff in those cold metal corridors, never thought a pixellated leaf could improve my mood while playing that much ;)

I read somewhere you're planning a DLC for Droid Assault - that would be way cool. Hope it'll be awesome but seeing your track record I'd be seriously surprised if it weren't. Hope your migration/expansion to steam will pay off soon.

Keep it up and all the best to your whole team! :)

PS: Ever thought about some kind of robot roguelike? I know you're all about flying colors and quick reflexes, but FTL showed that a well-done roguelike might do quite well and your retro neon style would be a great fit :)
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cprince  [developer] Mar 29, 2013 @ 4:49am 
I've got a design for a turn-based Droid Assault variant that I was considering making for Android.
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