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Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [utvikler] 5. nov., 2012 @ 15:58
possible solution for the "getting stuck in stairs/elevators and floor being out of sync)
ok, so we have gotten mails and comments about the game getting some players stuck while entering/leaving stairs/elevators and the floor being out of sync with the the rest of the stages interior.

we have been able to solve it for som of you by telling them to change the res to 1280x768 (or as close as possible to that).

i understand now that i haven't been quite clear with what i mean by this. so here goes...

the res is not meant to be changed in the game (there is no option for this and i'm sorry if you have been searching for it within the game) what you need to do is change your computers overall res to 1280x768 (or as close as you can) and then run the game.

please, if you have this problem, let us know if this solution works for you or don't. as i said, it worked for some and we want to see if the majority of you get it to work this way, we might have a better solution for this problem (then you changing your computer res all the time) but we need to know if it is the res that causes the problem.

so, please help us out! and we will kill this bug cause it starts to ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥♥ me off (and you even more by the looks of it)

thanks for your time!

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runaum 5. nov., 2012 @ 16:31 
90% of current problems are GameMaker's problems, as I think. May be change GM 7.x to 8.x? Or rewrite next HM via SDL / Lua or another toolchain? Guys, you rocks, but your platform have a lot of problems as I understand.
HERTS 10. nov., 2012 @ 5:55 
Hi I have this problem. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling (through steam) and restarting.
I've set the resolution to your recommendation to no avail.

Intel Core i7 920
8 GB Ram
Windows 7 64 bit
ATI Radion HD 5800

Running 3 monitors in eyefinity so maybe thats the problem!

Hope you guys can figure this out, this is easily one of the best games to come out this year.

jatari 11. nov., 2012 @ 6:14 
Set the resolution to 1280x768 but same results. Stuck after first stage in the stairs in Chapter 4. Was it "De..." something. Pity fun game, hopefully I notice is a patch comes out. Probably won't be trying again until that...

win7x64 newest nvidia drivers.
Misterpipa 11. nov., 2012 @ 9:39 
Unfortunately it doesn't work. :( Still blocked on chapter 4.
charlatan 11. nov., 2012 @ 13:05 
Hi guys! I bought the game from GOG, and I've had this issue since day one. The new patches haven't changed a thing as far as that goes, and neither has changing the resolution. I've also tried a bunch of different resolutions, other than the recommended 1280x768. They never seem to change anything besides my framerate in the game: the first floor of yout home/base is still out of sync, as is the beginning of Chapter 4, and consequently I get stuck when trying to go to the next stage.

My specifications (most information retrieved via DxDiag):
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (6.1, build 7601)
manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
model: HP Compaq dc7700p convertible minitower
processor: Intel Core 2 CPU - 6400 @ 2.13 GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.1 GHz
memory: 4096MB RAM
DirectX-version: DirectX 11.0
graphics card: Intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family (so basically it's an old, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ embedded card)

I'm playing on one monitor. I also seem to have most of the different and newest versions of .NET-framework and VC, although I don't know how important that is in this case.

Still, love your game! I hope you're close to cracking this case. I'm sure you will!
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [utvikler] 11. nov., 2012 @ 13:07 
ok, so tomorrow we are gonna try out a new idea that might fix this! gonna let some of you people test it out when we think we got it! stay tuned for more info during next week!

charlatan 11. nov., 2012 @ 13:10 
Awesome! Glad to hear it. :)
Krinkle 11. nov., 2012 @ 22:51 
I was in an elevator, and a man chased me in, and I knocked him down, and straddled him to slam his head into the ground, and then I was standing inside the wall of the elevator and I could not move, or make noise, or die, or do anything but quit. Is that this problem or did I find a new problem?
Dennis Wedin (Dennaton Games)  [utvikler] 14. nov., 2012 @ 9:54 
ok, so we might have fixed the problem with getting stuck in stairs/elevators between stages.
we just need some more people to try it out before we release it as a update (to see if the problem is really taken care or)

so if you have this problem (mainly on TENSION and HOT AND HEAVY) and want to help out and test this, drop a mail to: and name the mail "hotline miami update test" and i'll give you further instructions!

thanks / dennis
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