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How do you beat the final boss?
Seriously he is way too hard. I killed the 2 cats, the knife throwing lady and even cut off both of his arms then he magically shot me in the head. What do I have to do. I have tried several masks including the one that "survive one shot" and fast walk and etc but none have worked so far. As far as I can tell even the survive one shot mask is not functional even out of the boss fight.
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you need to stand on the left side or behind him.
He shots himself... if you stand on the right side... guess were the bullet goes from the head.

Don't forget to look at my FAIL screenshot, than you will understand. ;-)
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how do you kill the stupid ninja ♥♥♥♥♥, she either insta gibs me with a throwing knife if you los around the fountain, or she runs up and 1 shots me with her sword
Throw the mug/goblet/whatever at her...
lol ya I figured that out right after I tried again
1. Hide behind right fountain from cats. Grab trophy. Sneak peek quickly until cats are close enough to kill with melee trophy.
2. come out from cover of fountain & throw trophy at ninja woman.
3. hide all three of her daggers behind the fountain. Finish kiling off the woman. RUN FOR THE COVER OF THE FOUNTAIN.
4. While the dude is reloading, come out of cover & throw cheap knife shots at him.

You have no idea how many times I died figuring out this little routine.
Oddly enough, I have found that it is easier and more reliable, to just continuously side step while swigging constantly to kill the cats.
Once you take down stripper ninja, before you beat her the second time, pick up and throw at least 2 knives to the right near the door. You can actually run outside of this door and take cover from his shots. When he is reloading, go back in and grab a throwing knife then take cover again. On the next reload pop out and throw the knife at him, make sure you lock on as you only have 2-3 shots to hit him twice. After you knife him twice he ends it for you.
Don't forget the purple puzzle piece on the left room just inside the beginning of the level. "H"
I'm super confused at how you can open the side doors after the first time you pummel his bodyguard. Is that a bug, or just a weird "easy mode" feature?
My simple solution is that when the bodyguard starts crawling away from you, she will start making a counter-clockwise circuit around the room (slowly). Pick up and throw her knives behind the desk of the boss.

He starts firing to the left of the screen and sweeps in a counterclockwise fashion.

When the wounded bodyguard crawls behind the desk, finish her off and lock your cursor on the boss (middle-click/mouse wheel click). Now, spam right-clicks to throw the knives at the boss as fast as possible. If you are correctly positioned behind him, you should easily have enough time to throw two knives, and you will be safe from his suicide shot.
You can hide from the boss's bullets behind the fountain which is by the trophy case where you pick-up the trophy weapon. Basically goes like this:
1) Slowly retreat behind behind fountain to pick-up trophy
2) Go south to just above the couches, kill the two tigers (just requires timing, click just before they jump at you)
3) The girl will then charge at you, throw the trophy at her to knock her down, then run and grab her to bash her head into the ground for a bit, then do it again. You should be right next to the fountain whilst bashing her
4) Duck behind the fountain, wait for the boss to reload and use the opportunity to run out and grab a knife, then duck back behind the fountain. Use middle-mouse to target the boss, then wait for him to start reloading again, dart out and throw knife when he does.
5) Repeat 4 again
6) You win. Entire battle takes maybe 20-30 seconds with this method.
Stand right in front of the guy and he can' hit you with his bullets. You can pretty much stand in his arms.
Its pretty easy here is how i did it.

1.) kill the cats with the trophy
2.) Stand behind the fountain on the east side
3.) Stripper runs up to kill u with sword, throw the trophy.
4.) Kill the stripper next to the fountain
5.) Duck behind the fountain and dodge the first volley
6.) when he stops shooting to reload jump out and throw a knife or grab a knife
7.) 2 knife hits and he commits suicide
hah, just finished the gaming. amazing stuff! took me "a few" retries for the end boss ;) I don't know if this has changed but I tried the doors at several phases during the fight, they are locked!
also, had to finish off the ninja woman twice, just bang her head on the floor.
i'm reading here also that you can lock your aim, lol! never used it throughout the whole game :)
uh, i was just watching the credits, turns out there's still another level after the end, lol! back to business.
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