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This is an old topic that should not be used anymore. The new FAQ is here.

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What's the difference between the original and updated version?
The original version is the game as originally developed by Dennaton
Games. The updated version is developed by Abstraction Games with
leaderboards, localization, windowed mode support, different
resolutions and various fixes and improvements. This version however
requires OpenGL 2.1 .

Can I remap my keys and controller?
At this time only move and restart keys can be mapped to other keys.

I don't like the launcher, can we skip it?
Yes, add -skip to launch options and you won't see the laucher anymore.


Where are my saves?
Original: saves.dat in
- Windows: same directory as where the game is installed
- Mac OS X: [home]/Library/Application Support/Hotline Miami
savedata.sav in
- Windows: My Documents/My Games/Hotline Miami
- Mac OS X: [home]/Library/Application Support/Hotline Miami
- Linux with xdg: XDG_DATA_HOME/Hotline Miami
- Linux others: ~/.local/share/Hotline Miami

Does the original version support the updated save game?
No. However you can manually edit the save game to copy your progress.

Can I use my progress from the original version in the updated version?
Yes, if savedata.sav doesn't exist, the original save game is
imported. To reimport, remove savedata.sav from the save directory.


Launcher settings are not applied to the original version?
This is intended as support for these settings were introduced in the
updated version.

The updated version does not start when I press start!
This is usually because your graphics or driver does not support
OpenGL 2.1. To confirm open debug.log in the same directory as he save
game. If this contains "No IBO/VBO/PBO buffer support available." this is indeed the problem.
Update your drivers and check the internet if your card should support
OpenGL 2.1.
Intel GMA 950 does not support OpenGL 2.1 on windows, but does on Linux.

I have an Intel Atom N2600/GMA 3600 and my screen is upside down?!
This is a driver issue. Intel should be aware of the problem and is
working on a new version.

I have an ATI graphics card and all kind of graphical artifacts
(black&white, black squares)!

Disable Advanced Catalyst A.I. in the catalyst control center. Newer
versions of CCC hid the option and you'll have to disable it

That was all useless! Where can I get further support?
You can post on the forum or mail support[at]devolverdigital[dot]com . If you post on the forum, copy debug.log (and on windows dxdiag file) to and add a link to this. On other OS, please specify your hardware.
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