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Skittlez- Try You're Best 2013년 7월 14일 오후 10시 27분
Slow FPS fix.
Go to C:, programs files, steam library, steam apps, common, hotline miami, right click on hotline miami application, go to properties, then go to compatibility tab, and run in 640 x 480 screen resolution, click run as administrator, then click apply. Hope it helps.
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SammyJankis 2013년 7월 15일 오후 6시 12분 
This didn't work for me (sadly), in fact it made it about 25% worse. Had also tried setting Compatability settings to Disable visual Themes and Disable desktop composition - no joy with those either.

Looking at other threads suggests there might be a memory leak in the latest release so I wonder if we'd have to wait for a patch given the number of people affected.

EroticPotato 2013년 7월 15일 오후 9시 07분 
It made mine better for the first two levels and then it went back to slow FPS.
SammyJankis 2013년 7월 16일 오전 5시 26분 
Opting into the Beta fixed this for me. Probably should have checked that first before complaining.

Noticed that enabling V-sync via the new launcher did slow things down again though.
Blob 2013년 9월 7일 오전 5시 01분 
Zognar 2013년 9월 7일 오전 7시 33분 
This solution SLOWED my game down (even more than before), when I tried it last year, and just now. Then I just got the beta and it works like a dream come true.

*EDIT* - I really appreciate the work Dennaton/Devolver have done and are doing, they might not read this, but the game is just fantasteriffic!! Boy Howdy!
Zognar님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 9월 7일 오전 7시 37분
CoyKoi 2013년 9월 20일 오전 8시 08분 
This has worked for me so far: Find your Steam folder [typically in the Program Files (x86) folder] and go to Steam/steamapps/common/hotline_miami. Now run the game via the HotlineGL.exe file located in this folder. Hope this works for everyone!
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1-66개 댓글 표시
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