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Errors on startup and no music
So, I'm sure you get this a lot, but this game is very, very buggy.

The game only launches about once every three times I try to run it. Each time I launch it I get the following error:
action number 1
of Create Event
for object objDevolver:

Error defining an external function.

If I click ignore, the error repeats. If I click abort, sometimes the game launches, sometimes it doesn't.

So far to troubleshoot I've reinstalled the visual c++ redistributable, both from the game folder, as well as directly from MS (I already had this installed before, but the game insisted on launching the installer again, this would probably confuse a lot of people in the first place, why is it asking me to repair something?). I've installed the latest video card drivers from nvidia, and I've ensured I have the latest .net 4.0. I've also tried running steam, and the game itself, in compatibility mode for XP SP3, but no luck.

So, once in a while I can actually play. but absolutely never have I ever heard any music from the game, which is a damn shame because I hear it's supposed to be very good.

I bought this game after reading the thread on TPB, where the developer was helping out pirates to ensure they don't have to deal with a buggy version. I thought that was a really noble decent thing to do, but little did I know these bugs still persist in the retail version. I'm beginning to regret paying for this.
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System: i5 3870K w/16GB ram, Geforce 660ti, Win7 64bit, all current updates installed.
Other software running: MS Security Essentials, Nvidia control panel, ASUS AI Suite, Steam, Java update scheduler, some random driver from vmware, realtek hd audio manager, firefox.
This solution hasn't worked for everyone, but it may help:

Go into the game's directory (mine is): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\hotline_miami go into the folder called redist and install the app inside.
Also, (if you haven't already) update your .NET to 4.0 , restart your computer and relaunch the game.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Tuuka; 2013. jan. 20., 15:17
Yes, I tried that. That's what I meant by: "So far to troubleshoot I've reinstalled the visual c++ redistributable, both from the game folder,"

No luck. I've tried everything.

Any way to get a refund for this? I get the impression I would get better support if I pirated it instead. Not impressed at all.
Bumping a thread.

Does anyone actually read these forums? I saw the "post technical issues here" thread, but there's been dozens of posts with no response now.

Where do I go for serious technical problems preventing me from playing this game?

My jimmies are becoming increasingly rustled at this point.
I get this problem a lot on my desktop which runs Windows 8 but not my laptop. Nothing works so I usually start and exit the game until it stops crashing and the music actually plays.

I'm sure many read this forum, but it will be some time unfortunately before the many technical problems with this game will be fixed :(
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Chomby; 2013. jan. 23., 0:20
Well, I've recinded all my recommendations I made to friends. I can no longer recommend this game. From here on out I will be warning anyone who thinks of buying it that it's not ready for prime time.

I mean it probably won't faze you at all, I probably only would have driven twenty sales your way, and I'm sure this weekend's steam deal will rake you in tens of thousands of sales. Still, I'm going to make a point of warning people this is a really glitchy game that may or may not even run on your computer.

Maybe I'm being entitled here, maybe I'm expecting too much, but when I pay money for something, I expect it to work as advertised. This does not work. I don't think it should be sold in this condition.

For the record, I've also tried deleting all files related to this game, by uninstalling from steam, then going into the steam appcache directory and deleting any leftovers, then I went into the registry looking for any leftovers there. I reinstalled the game but there's no change. This is a pretty fresh install too, I built this computer less than two months ago. I work in IT, and I deal with errors of this sort every day. After spending more than an hour trying to get this game to work, it's at this point I would ship the customer a new computer. It's simply not worth my time to keep trying to fix this blatantly broken game.
So still nothing? I got this a day ago and I'm getting the same problem. This machine is about a year old, quad core, good display card etc and win7 64bit home. Yeah, I love how reviewers who gave glowing reviews to this failed to mention this rather critical bug. After reading pseudolobsters post above mine, I doubt I'll do any better. Where else can we log a technical issue?
Hi, I used to have this problem with an older version of hotline miami before I actually bought the steam version. Some generic troubleshooting that worked for me was to use task manager and make sure no extra instances of the game was running as that would cause problems defining an external function with the GM7 runner. Another thing was to just log off and back on or even restart the computer, finally running the game as an admin fixed a lot of issues for me.

If you manage to get the game running properly and you get those awful crashes on level 6 or 13 consider trying the hotline miami plus patch which fixes those and more.
Well, got this game in the humble bundle 8 and managed to finish the main missions before this bug popped up but now that I have it there's no shaking it. It's a shame, the music is quite good...
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