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Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 11:38
Hotline Miami Plus
As of the recent Beta patch HM+ will not work as expected unless you are extremely lucky
I have no plans to update the patch to work with this patch. I let my thread fall from the first page after bumping following the patch and there are already 4 pages of bug reports. This is too much for me to handle fixing by myself not to mention integrating my old fixes for issues that were never fixed.

Hello all, I recently got interested in this game due to Yahztee's review and bought it on steam just yesterday. The game is great, and I fully enjoyed every last bit of it. But that isn't why I am here, I am a veteran of GM since GM6 and I figured I could do some good. So far I've just hacked together two new scripts and one new object to allow the player to do some things not allowed in the default game. Here is my basic changelog:

Changelog is too big. See hotlinemiamiplus.html in the patch zip file or the online version at my personal site:
[Link Removed]

Noteable features:
MiamiSound scripts fix most if not all sound related crashes.
Fixes to the surface code fixes "out of video memory errors" (unconfirmed)
Windowed support
MiamiErrors will ignore non-fatal errors in favor of smooth gameplay and log all others for better bug squashing.
Several cheats added (can be disabled in config)
General code cleanup
The entire game was ported from GM7 to GM8 as of patch 0.1.14 to improve stability all around.

Planned Features:

Address a slew of bugs submitted across Steam Community and Gamefaqs
[Complete] Fix support for windowed mode to use the mouse properly
[Complete] Allow basic settings like different fullscreen resolution / vsync
Allow resetting of doors to default state after "unlock all doors" cheat.
Allow creation and loading of custom levels. (very long term)

My long-term goals are to fully understand the original author's implementation of various aspects of gameplay and eventually allow custom resources like weapons or enemies or just make minor gameplay tweaks the community wants. Naturally reading and understanding somebody else's code is difficult so its slow going right now. I am experienced in using diff and patch to create patch files so rest assured I will never release any copyrighted material.

Remember to view the included "Hotlinemiamiplus.html" file for installation instructions, changelogs, and other general information.

---- Edit ----
Links removed as of 12/14/2014
These were causing confusion, sorry. This patch has been defunct for at least a year now
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Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 11:42 
I would like to update the above in saying that the patch files I create are meant to be used alongside the original, that is they do not replace the original game and therefore do not interfere with steamworks nor create an unfair advantage in collecting free steam achievements or the like. This project aims to augment the existing game experience of those who have finished the main game and still wish enjoy this great game with additional content.
Samoose 7 kwietnia 2013 o 12:08 
Well, it could be something cool in the future, but I'd like to see it put to good use like trying to fix the numerous bugs there are now
Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 12:12 
The recent steam update fixed the crashes I had related to both the breakable windows in various maps and the "too many sounds" issue. The only bug I've found so far is the player is able to execute enemies through walls if they are close enough.

Here is some neat info I'm sure a few of you will get a kick out of: In the second part of "The Metro" where the player drops off the briefcase and is attacked by a hobo, that hobo is immune to all forms of gunfire and if he picks up ANY weapon it becomes a baseball bat.
Zanaso 7 kwietnia 2013 o 14:17 
sounds ♥♥♥♥ing awesome, keep us posted
Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 14:46 
I just added support for two new command line switches: "-window" and "-nocheats". I'm sure you can guess what they do. I'll be refining the windowed mode to make it more friendly for lower-end machines and possibly adding a "-safe" switch to disable more intense effects. My next goal is to consolidate the options represented by various files in the working directory into one easy config file.

Edit: These switches have been depreciated and replaced by config file settings
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Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 16:51 
The "-window" switch will now consistently resize the window to 800x600. Once debugging is done, custom resolutions will be supported.
Samoose 7 kwietnia 2013 o 17:32 
How about fixing the overlay? That is what everyone wants ;)
Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 18:15 
HM+ 0.1.05 - Hotline Miami Plus now supports the following options to be registered in hotlinemiamiplus.ini: fullscreen, window width, window height, alienware, xbox, cheats (on or off), surfaces, and blood. Hotline Miami Plus will remember your choices with a clean config file rather than cluttering up the home dir with blank files.

@SamusDroid: I poked around as much as I could in the source but I don't see anything referencing the steam overlay. If it doesn't work now chances are there is little I can do to fix it.

On the technical side I cleaned up a lot of code for readibility, some of this stuff is very messy. I noticed a few interesting debug/test levels in the code and I think I'll take a break and poke around in those levels. I'll report back if I find anything cool. Oh and before I forget is there a legit way to access the "Eurogamer" level or "Trailer" level?
Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 20:06 
Just found a bug to squash. Turns out, if one splashes dogs with hot water from a pan they turn into generic enemies rolling on the floor in agony and drop a crowbar which turns into a different weapon when picked up. Gonna need to override that behavior..

Edit: Found another. If any downed enemy is attacked with a police baton they are assumed to be a police officer and their sprite is changed into one. Also I think I'm on to something that may help fix the sound related crashes.
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Mamapillar 7 kwietnia 2013 o 22:12 
I am very pleased to announce:
HM+ 0.1.06 - Hotline Miami Plus will no longer crash when rapidly firing the M16, Scorpion, Uzi, Silenced Uzi, Double Barrel, etc.

It was a simple fix that involved a seperate object to monitor requests for sounds coming from the player character and during peak sound usage cut out approx 1/3 of all sound usage. The end result is a game that doesn't crash when going all out with automatic weapons.
Mamapillar 8 kwietnia 2013 o 0:08 
The first official Hotline Miami Plus! Patch is here. Snag your copy at:
Edit: Patch home here:

Make sure to read the detailed installation instructions in the included html file, and if you're feeling paranoid make backups of your saves and stats.

Report back with bugs, I'm positive you'll find something I overlooked.
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Zanaso 8 kwietnia 2013 o 6:10 
Awesome. Good work on the patch man.
Mamapillar 8 kwietnia 2013 o 12:05 
Looks like I forgot to remove a debug feature tied to the M key in this patch. Well since its there, I may as well explain its use: Pressing M will bring up a dialog with the name of the current level, typing in the name of any level will change levels. Some levels I found interesting were: rmHighballer, rmTestLevel2 (which will start a series of levels that show off how the game used to play before the story was added. test level: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are still in the game) rmEurogamer, and rmTestRoom and rmTrailer. Note that you must type the level names with EXACT capitalization and even then some levels will throw a few errors before you get to play.
geotermal 8 kwietnia 2013 o 14:37 
Wow, it must have been a lot of work, thanks for releasing it for us!
Just a couple of questions:
1- Is this version compatible with the DRM-free version of the game? I got it on GOG...your customizations probably didn't change anything Steam-related so it shoud work, right?
2- Is the windowed mode mature enough to be used? I saw your post in another topic saying you still needed to adjust a few mouse-related things, and that's the main thing I'm looking for in your mod - I've been waiting for this option to be available for months!
EDIT: if the only problem with the windowed mode is with mouse controls does that mean that everyone with a joystick can play it perfectly? ;)
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