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PYROMANT|C Jan 17, 2013 @ 4:05pm
Scribblenauts Unlimited Review - Man Was Not Meant To Have Such Power.
Finished Scribblenauts over the weekend and thought I'd share my review with everyone here:

What was everyone else's impressions? I get the feeling it'd be really at home on a tablet/mobile more than the PC, due to its casual nature.
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Miraglyth Jan 17, 2013 @ 5:45pm 
I couldn't disagree more about tablet/mobile usage here. The core gameplay mechanic is typing words and you just cannot beat a keyboard for that.

Furthermore, having played the original, the visuals of Unlimited are an immeasurable improvement. I know smart devices generally have a better resolution and memory than the old DS, but even if they limited the game to the newest and best devices I still can't imagine they'd be able to support zones as large or object-heavy as Unlimited has.

But I'd say you've made a very descriptive review which nicely covers what the game's about and how well it does that. I think when accessing the backpack using the B hotkey (like V for starite vision, M for map etc) you can retrieve regular items faster than typing, especially if you're like me and use a fast flying sparkling hoverboard, but other than that I can't fault the review.

I'm going to assume you're capable of basic numeracy (unlike many game reviewers who think 7/10 means average) and saying that the game is around the halfway point between average and excellent, and that sounds about right.
PYROMANT|C Jan 19, 2013 @ 3:43am 
That's a really good point actually an not one that I disagree with. I was approaching it from the pick and play aspect, which Scribblenauts is most certainly taylored for, but having to tap/hand write everything out would be an absolute chore which is a definite advantage of playing it on the PC.

That's good to hear. I know the original was primarily designed for the DS so the visuals reflected that but it's still good to know that they're striving to make improvements. I'd be very interested to see if they would be able to get this onto smart phones just to see how it would run, but I agree that it would probably struggle in its current state (i.e without heavy optimzaition).

I was actually not aware that the keyboard shortcuts for most of the game so I guess I just got used to typing everything out. With them it's a bit faster I agree but I had already ingrained the habit of typing things out. Still good point though and if I had paid a little bit more attention to the tutorials/keyboard configuration parts I probably wouldn't have complained about it.

Yeah the rating is probably one of the most difficult parts as I try to reflect overall game quality (which is totally subjective) in line with other games in the same genre. Realistically I should break it down a bit more to give credit where credits due for certain aspects but usually after writing 1200+ words I get a bit lazy lol ;D

Cheers for the response though, love getting feedback like this as it helps me figure out if I'm ont he right track or not ;)
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