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Having problems with the 10th Anniversary Mask site?
We've had an amount of people reporting in with issues regarding the Gleam webpage we set up to get people a free Steam key for the new Jester mask.

Sometimes, when users click 'continue' after visiting the 10th Anniversary campaign page via the site, the page will basically bug out and not give them a key they have earned. We're looking into why this happens, but just to make sure, we've got some steps you can try to kick the site in the face for it to cough up the key.

If you are having trouble;
- clicking the green ? can fix it sometimes
- make sure to try a different browser if you are able (Chrome seems to be having the least issues from some investigations but not a guarantee)
- if you are running adblock try it without it
- some plug-ins/extensions/add-ons can cause problems with it, try without those
- of course, there's always CTRL + F5 refreshing
- if none of THESE work, try using the site on your mobile device, some users have reported the site functions far better on a mobile browser

If any of these methods still do not work, then we would encourage you to check out other platforms we will be giving out keys on, such as;

Official PAYDAY 2 Discord[]
PAYDAY on Twitter
PAYDAY Twitch[]

I would love to add every user that is having issue to give them a key personally but the community is vast and I only have so much time in a day, as a result I will be dropping keys in Steam threads for the mask every so often as well.

I will not be accepting adds asking for the 10th Anniversary Mask either anymore, a lot of my time already has been invested in doing so.
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PAYDAY 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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