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[MOD DISCUSSION] The Hollywood Shootout Mod
Moved to Nexus Mods[] and Mod Workshop[] where it will live evermore. Download links removed from this post.

Lovely nice things!
Hey all. Making my second mod for this game, this time we are looking at exaggerated bullet effects and explosions. This mod will change most, if not all, of the bullet impact effects to be more dramatic, including explosions and gore. Brought to you by myself, and Yaremko.

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Zdann 22. Juli 2014 um 15:16 
Oh my god I love those spark particles. Can't wait until this is finished.
This looks fun. If it's like that when it's done I want it.
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Oh my god I love those spark particles. Can't wait until this is finished.
Yeah !!! When bullets hits metal <3

We need more blood ! More impact ! More shells on the ground ! And more money ! :D
I can't grant you actual in game money (rules and all), but I guess I could make money fly from loot bags when they get hit? And yes, more blood and all those lovely things are on the way.

Essentially I want things to smash like they did in The Matrix.
k33th (Ausgeschlossen) 22. Juli 2014 um 15:32 
That looks awesome man!
Keep working, cant wait for the release!
This looks awesome! Can't wait!
Money flying when hit would be great too.
If possible, i will add it!
MAYhem 22. Juli 2014 um 17:31 
Looks great so far!
How would changing the "Effect Quality" setting within the ingame menu affect this mod?
I'll be honest with you - I haven't the slightest clue. My initial guess would be not at all, and that the quality slider would affect more benign effects like lighting and shadows? I'll take a peek around the lua source to see what values that slider actually has control over.
This looks great! I'm definitely looking forward to the completed version!
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looks great i'm rly looking foward to it, i love ur messy shootout mod.
when this is finished will you release both in one mod?

Ehhmm.. I reckon a few more days before I have something I'm happy to share. Keep an eye out for updates on OP.

I'll keep them separate for now, seeing as the mod patcher tool has that Bulk Apply option.
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Nice, would like to use this!
is this mod dropping frame rates?
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Nice, would like to use this!
is this mod dropping frame rates?
It's not complete yet, but I have been playing and hosting running on a later *unfinished* version than the video, and experienced zero performance impact. Test as you go!
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