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Disclaimer: Do not visit any Paydaymods/Lastbullet URL
Hi folks, just to make sure people don't make the mistake in future, I figured it was well overdue posting this real quick.

Paydaymods & Lastbullet was abandoned/killed off long ago, for any and all future modding needs please go to Modworkshop, which can be found HERE[]

We know the vast majority of people know that by now, but as we just recently had it brought to our attention people do still seek out mods that advertise Paydaymods / Lastbullet and accidentally head there, this is just to make sure.

If you see ANY mod/thread advertising to get it from Paydaymods / Lastbullet, then it is EXTREMELY outdated.

Again, use Modworkshop[] for your modding needs.
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Nighthawk Sep 18, 2022 @ 5:32pm 
Hey all, I have noticed a slight update from the site admin for modworkshop that might matter for the steam forums here in the near future. The main tl,dr is that the short link "modwork. shop" you might see around in posts around here will not work in the near future and you should be careful. Here's the full message from modworkshop for those still interested in accessing the mods posted in those soon to be outdated links with some spaces so we don't have some accidental clicks.
Originally posted by modworkshop:
The short link modwork. shop will be shutting down and no longer function in the future. One of the reasons this link came to be was the ridiculously long and complicated old link we had modworkshop. net/mydownloads. php?action=view_down&did=123 and in that time it sorta made sense.

With v2 releasing in 2019 (almost 3 years ago) we reduced it to just a simple modworkshop. net/mod/123, removing the need for that short link, however the short link remained active until now just in case.

If you see that link, simply replace the whole link except the number with modworkshop. net/mod/ and you should be able to see the mod in question.
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