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Patch Notes 17th April 2014
  • All new On/Off switch for the music was added to the options menu!

  • The target cursor has a range indicator now
    - This indicator will display the distance to the target
    - Furthermore the distance will be colored according to the optimal range of the weapon
    * Green: In optimal range
    * Orange: Slightly out of optimal range
    * Red: Not even close to optimal range

  • New hotkeys:
    - L: Current character looks at mouse position
    - P: Current character changes his current stance (stand to kneel and vice versa)
    - Y: Current character readies current weapon
    - T: Swap between primary and secondary weapon

  • The news window will now show multiple news screens
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Patch Notes June 18th


  • PvP matchmaking was further improved. It will not allow single high level mercenaries to get matched against a group of much lower mercenaries anymore!

  • Everyone in the UK should now be able to purchase cash / the campaign pack / etc. using the ingame shop. If you experience any further issues, please contact our support team under jao-support@cliffhanger-productions.com.
Patch Notes June 20th


Issues which caused some players to:
- be "stuck at 100% process screen"
- be stuck in the tutorial
- be unable to access their HQ buildings
- be unable to access the storage
- have no weapons and/or ammo in tutorial
were fixed.
Everyone who is still experiencing issues, please send us your Unity Log (http://www.cliffhanger-productions.com/scripts/forum/index.php?board=14.0) and company name to jao-support@cliffhanger-productions.com.
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Patch Notes June 24th

  • Players, whose tutorial Raven lost her weapon, will now have a weapon again.
  • Everyone who created an alliance is now the leader of the alliance.
  • Leaderboards will now update correctly.
  • To unhinge camping in PVP matches, being interrupted by opposing characters, which have already been spotted by one of your characters, is no longer possible.
Patch Notes July 23rd

  • To make crafting more rewarding than purchases, the crafting costs for armors and weapons were decreased by 50% and for components by 90%!
  • Warzone Bovilia was adapted to a level 50 mission. It will be available with reputation level 50, will feature increased difficulty and can drop legendary items. The warzone reward items were improved to comply with the increased difficulty.
  • The new contract ‘What’s Yours is Mine’ will be available for all players at a company reputation of 15 or higher.
  • Agency level 10 mercenaries were upgraded to level 13 and can now be obtained at reputation level 13. Their gear (when hired with gear) was also adjusted accordingly.
  • All contracts will now become visible on the world map at reputation level 14.
  • Minimum mercenary level requirements for several epic weapons up to weapon level 35 were increased. Those items can now be equipped with a mercenary 10 levels below the appropriate weapon level at the earliest.
  • The contract „One Percent“ (10) was reworked to provide a better, more challenging experience. Graphics and Layout were polished and the difficulty was balanced.
  • The price of the campaign has been lowered. It now costs 19,99 USD, 16,99 EUR, 13,99 GBP, 67690 RUB, 4380 BRL, 180 Kreds or 460 Gold.
  • Achievements of the contract “Letter of Marque” (33) were rebalanced.
  • Enemy balancing: Armor protection was reduced. Armor durability was increased. Health of armored enemies was increased. Enemy accuracy was reduced. Enemy damage was reduced.

  • The bug which opened up the daily reward window multiple times a day was fixed. It will now open once between 00:01 - 23:59 server time (UTC -7 = 00:01 PDT, 2am CDT, 7am UTC, 9am CEST)
  • Fixed a bug where the client got stuck in PvP matches if a user opened the "abandon mission" dialogue and let his turn end while the window still was open.
  • Special offer packs include FMJ ammo instead of AP ammo now.
  • The durability and the durability loss of all armors were increased tenfold to display the actual damage taken. This results only in a change in display, since balancing is not affected by this. (Before, durability loss was damage taken divided by 10, now durability loss is just actual damage taken).
  • Items in packages have a merc level requirement now.
  • Fixed and issue where build up aiming on destructible objects (like walls) generated an incorrect display of used action points. Building up aiming on destructible objects is no longer possible.
  • Magazine size of Rifle-type Crossbows was decreased to balance them closer to other weapons. Additionally, rI'eload costs of all crossbows were increased.
  • Weapon names are no longer cut off in merc pop up.
  • Focus fire will now add correctly 5% to the chance to hit targets: First step will add 5%, second step will add 10% and the third and last will add 15% to the base stat of your chance to hit when aiming from the same position at the same target.
  • The volume of the rare MP5SD3 was reduced to match its appearance.
  • It is no longer possible to buy items into the merc inventory without having enough cash.
  • Crafting components will now be available at the appropriate reputation level to comply with available blueprints.
  • Game shows error message if steam user is not found.
  • It is no longer possible to buy items without spending cash.
  • A text in the German version is no longer cut off.
  • Starting with mission 10.4 "Delivery of Packaged Goods", 4 mercs can be deployed instead of 3.
Patch Notes August 8th
A new Prestige contract called "Splinter Cell" (a lvl 50 version of contract "No Mercy") for 174 Prestige is now available.
A new Legendary item can be found in game. More information not available (have fun finding it and getting surprised).

A missing wall collision, which could be used as a shortcut, was fixed in the second mission of Warzone Bunjaeng.
Fixed a displaying issue for status effects icons, now more than three icons will always be displayed.
Patch Notes December 17th

The Merge is here!

  • All players – no matter if on Steam, Kongregate or Gamigo - are now on the same server! More people mean less waiting time for more PvP and more alliance competition! Just login as usual and enjoy!

  • Some names needed to be changed in order to complete the merge. Our customer support team under jao-support@cliffhanger-productions.com can help you with individual requests.

  • Holiday Event with special loot!Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll have a high chance to pick up some special holiday-loot in all missions +10.
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Patch Notes January 9th
  • X-Mas Event with the Christmas item drops (ducky and santa sets) will end!
  • The christmas items (Ducky and Santa sets) won't drop in missions anymore, nor will you be able to get them any different way. Grab them now if you still want to get them!
  • Christmas items will get a merc level requirement. The required level will be the same as the item level, meaning that level 50 items will need merc level 50 to be equipped.
  • Leaderboards will refresh correctly
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