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ZhonLord 2013년 8월 22일 오후 7시 21분
Need advice on DM loadout
So currently I have a completely minion-oriented loadout that I have a lot of fun with. Problem is, whenever there's even one bot, normal difficulty becomes a crapshoot of either the heroes breezing through the entire level without losing a single life, or they get completely beaten into the dust and I end up taking 3 of their lives or more in one encounter. Any suggestions for making this build challenging WITHOUT it being a coin toss whether heroes win or lose?

Blocking Wall - 1 mana
Monster Trap - 1 mana
Ice Trap - 1 mana
Real Missiles - 1 mana
Teleport Monsters - 2 mana
Healing Area - 2 mana
Resurrection Tower - 3 mana

Orc Berserker - 2 mana
Imp - 2 mana
Skeleton Archer - 2 mana

Rabbit Breeder - 2 mana
Stalkers - 2 mana

Posession: Evil Heal

Boss: Minocow

Trait: Hordes of Things

(note: for danger events, always go with the 4 mana horde option rather than the 6 mana mini-boss)
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Dungeonland > 일반 토론 > 제목 정보
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