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Problems with Stalkers and a Question about Evil Heal
First off, I think the Stalkers (the invisible chameleon robots) may be bugged. I've never seen them hit with their weird leaping attack, regardless of wether I'm controllng them or not. You may want to check for a missing hitbox or something, because as it is the Stalkers are kind of useless.

Second, does the posession ability "Evil Heal" heal a set amount of health or a percentage of the monster's health? If it's the latter, then I'd like to see it changed to the former.

I'll admit it; I loved the Pre-Nerf Evil Heal. But I haven't even purchased the ability to use Dire Ducks or Trolls yet, and I actually prefer to use the cheaper enemy swarms over the big Elite Monsters. I also never abuse the "switch monsters to reset the cooldown" trick. My preferred tactic was to posess a Giant Spider or Bee and hang back while performing clerical duties to the Orcs that I have on the front lines. I can safely say that this is near impossible to do after the Evil Heal nerfs. I can get maybe one good heal off, and then by the time the cooldown finishes all of the monsters, including my posessed one, have been killed.

I'd like to see Evil Heal be an ability that's useful at sustaining squads of smaller monsters without becoming completely broken when a bigger one enters the fray, but if Evil heal is healing a percentage of a monster's health instead of a set amount, then this will be impossible, because a monster with 5 times as much health will be healing 5 times as fast relative to the damage the heroes can deal, so you either have an ability that's balanced on the bigger monsters and useless on the smaller ones, or one that's balanced on the smaller monsters and impossible to counter on the bigger ones. Pre-Nerf Evil heal was the latter, now it's the former, and niether is a very palatable option.

I would like to see the lack of self-healing on Evil Heal be reverted and the cooldown shortened a bit (maybe not all the way back down to 5 seconds, now that the Gladiator perk exists, but perhaps to 6 seconds), but not until AFTER you make sure the following things are done:

Put in measures to prevent players from being able to spam Heal by rapidly switching monsters. Wether it be by implementing a global cooldown, or putting some kind of cooldown on posessing monsters, do something. In fact, the nerfs you've made to Evil Heal can be completley bypassed with this tactic, making it so that you only really punished those who were using the ability fairly.

Make it so that evil Heal heals a set amount of health, regardless of how much health the monster being healed has, and make it an amount that the heroes can easily overcome if they really focus on killing a specific target, like a Dire Duck or Elite Monster.

If you've already done these things, then I'm sorry for wasting your time. If it's an intentional decision for Evil Heal to be useless on smaller monsters for pacing reasons, then I guess I can understand that. But I thought I'd throw in my two cents on the matter.

You still need to look into those Stalkers, though.
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