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cjhangen 21. Feb. 2013 um 14:32 Uhr
For folks that have played multiplayer since the patch...
Hey guys,

Being that my group of three have (finally) completed Torchlight 2, I'm thinking about Dungeonland for game-night.

I've read quite a few of your posts regarding Dungeonland over the past few weeks and I suppose my question should be posed as: what is the state-of-the-union for this game, currently, for a multi-player group, post-patches. Also, specific to our situation, sometimes we only have a group of two and do you feel that the game is playable with the third slot being AI (I've seen a lot of negative comments about the AI.. as in single player plus two bots is not worth even trying).

Any thoughts/opinions would be most appreciated. Or any suggestions for any great 3p games that have come out recently (we like a lot of genres.. loved Castle Crashers and Rayman Origins, RPG's etc).
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Neat 22. Feb. 2013 um 1:57 Uhr 
It's bearable, but still buggy. You might have issues joining each others games, even if you do port-forwarding. Additionally I always find every few games there's an unbearable amount of lag. If you live near each other this might not happen, but if you live across the world from each other it probably will. In any case, i've completed all the dungeons on all difficulties so it's definitely doable.

As for bots, use a warrior bot and you'll live longer. The bots are at least not selfish and will attempt to revive someone as soon as they fall. Plus the warrior bot is the best of the 3 because he'll be your meatshield and usually won't die in stupid ways either. Eventually, running around in a game with 2/3 players, you'll pick up another random player anyway, so I would say it's feasible to start out with a not-full game.

The mage and the rogue bots are pretty useless. The rogue just tries to damage and never uses his potions or backstab, also he gets killed very easily, he's not very good at dodging. The mage is similar but even worse because you need the mage for his invulnerability beam. The mage bot NEVER uses it. Do not take a mage bot, end of.
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