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Compiled List of Bugs and Errors
Let me begin by stating how much I love this game. It is thoroughly enjoyable to play with both those you know and random folks from the net in online games, with the strict limitation of your class encouraging teamwork. The individuality associated with class selection, weapon choices, color, items and perks are all rewarding and fun to switch between or develop further.

However, the game still has a fair way to go in terms of performance, bugs and general gameplay issues. There still appears to be a significant memory leak issue where the game will steadily decrease in performance the longer it is played, far more noticable when playing in DM mode than when playing as a Hero. Whilst performance has increased dramatically since release, there still appears to be immense slowdown for no apparent reason. After an hour or more of gameplay, the game will lag even in the menu selection screens.

There appears to be no direct correlation or cause of effect for why the game slows down. Some games will run just fine. Others will slowdown horribly to unplayable levels. Both online and offline versus bots. DM mode is especially bad and slows down far more than if you are playing a hero.

As follows are the bugs or errors I have experienced.
- Significant performance decrease in FPS over length of time played.
- Confusion (DM Spell) has no effect on bots
- Many knockback effects or spells can push players into obstacles or outside the gameplay area, either pinning them in place for good (such as inside a wall or column) or they are forced to run along the edge of the map to the end zone, thus effectively defaulting the remainder of the map for the DM.
- At the end of the second zone of Cannibal Kingdom (After the Sawmill segment, right before the portal to the end boss battle) you can run through the wall outside the map, straight through all obstacles and placements. If you continue far enough in one direction, the game will crash. If you move to behind the portal to the next zone, the game will sometimes fail to load the next boss battle arena and simply stay at a black screen.
- Sometimes bots will not be replaced by players when joining a game in session, or on map change, the game will load twice, with the three players AND three bots, leading to more than the standard 3 players.
- Sometimes when connecting to a game in session and selecting your character whilst spectating, when you select ready, the game simply will not spawn you in, and you remain spectating until the next map change or lobby screen.
- When connecting to an online game, sometimes it will connect to the game in session, and you can hear the sounds of gameplay, see the character portraits top left and their health bars, but you are still on the main menu. Trying to connect to another game will not work from this point. Hosting a game yourself appears to cause a crash. Sometimes the menu buttons themselves become unresponsive from this point too, and do nothing.
- Numerous crashes for unknown reasons. Connecting to an online game rarely causes the game to crash whilst it is loading. Crash whilst browsing the store and previewing multiple items in a relatively short space of time.
- The Elder Dragon's flame-breath attack cannot be cancelled sometimes, despite all intervention or button presses, and will pin him in place, leaving him at the mercy of the heroes.
- Heroes can sometimes evade-roll or be knocked back outside of the Minocow's battle ring at low health.
- Using Shift-tab to access the Steam community overlay whilst in-game playing as the Dungeon Master seems to have a compound effect on the memory leak issue, leading to a very fast decline in performance, especially if browsing web pages.
- Using Shift-tab to access the Steam community overlay whilst in-game playing as the Dungeon Master, with a spell selected but not used, will sometimes lock the cursor and prevent you from casting that spell until another one is selected.
- (Unknown if intentional) Sometimes the AI Dungeon Master, when playing Adventure Mode, will spawn Boss monsters, such as the Mind Squid or Lumbertree. In numerous cases, I have had to fight a Mind Squid straight out of the door on the second level of Arcane Kingdom, or mid first level Lumber Tree on Cannibal Kingdom. Even had a Hippo the Griffon once.
- Sometimes the sheep will not spawn at the Tea Cup event in Arcane Kingdom.
- (Unknown) The explosive-frog event in Arcane Kingdom does not appear to function as intended. We are directed to use the frogs on enemies, yet there is no point in doing so given that your normal functionality is still available. I was under the impression that those monsters were to be immune to all damage except for frog-bombs.
- Throwing items in online games does not animate the throwing action or the projectile in flight. Once an object is thrown, it still functions, but there is no visual indication. For example, holding a black-sheep, and 'throwing' it, will simply cause the explosion at the desired location moments later.
- Rogue backstabbing animation against Bees appears to sometimes bug, with no ill effects to gameplay, but the Rogue remains in the backstabbing animation position, yet still able to move and fight further on as normal.
- Occasionally, if you leave an online game mid-session, the audio of that game, including battle and character sounds, will still be heard ongoing when you are back at the main menu.
- When joining an online game mid-session, the main menu music will continue to play even after you join, until the next map change.
- Massive lagspike during online gameplay whenever someone connects, or attempts to connect, to the game, for all players.
- Mines, bombs, or other explosion effects, cause a momentary lag spike for all players in online games. Often extremely unfavourable, as they would be easy to avoid if not for the complete game freeze when they detonate. (Hippo the Griffon is particularly bad with his mine-drop ability)
- Hippo the Griffon boss was once able to inadvertantly fly out of the battle arena through the wall whilst being fired at by the Rogue and Mage heroes. Unknown cause.
- An apparent texture and file corruption bug, where if a player is disconnected from a game in progress, and then later rejoins, Monsters will be depicted as solid black entities, walls, floors most obstacles will fail to show at all, despite still being there and impeding movement, and texture-tearing will occur between lightpoints and animated surfaces.
- Shadow Run Rogue Potion ability sometimes does not function properly, leading to repeated backstabs of the same target (sometimes 3 or more times) even after the target is dead.
- Visual bug for Heroes gold collection counter. Sometimes it will say 0 despite all gold picked up. Gold is still acquired and added to the player's personal supply as normal, but the counter remains at 0.
- Hero bots will sometimes target a Rogue's Decoy potion ability as if it were an enemy. Player attacks can also hit be blocked by the Decoy.
- Bringing up the chat interface while in-game with T will sometimes not disable controls. Typing any letter in the chat when this happens activates the corresponding function, such as movement, your Q ability, or annoyingly, E will trigger your potion ability.
- A player that is stunned by a Troll's special attack, and then Bully-Pushed by the DM, will sometimes be permanently stunned and unable to do anything until they die or the map changes.
- When playing as the Dungeon Master, you can possess a monster and then destroy objects such as barrels to obtain the gold yourself. You can also kill sheep and pick up the hero's health objects, including any potions from aforementioned barrels or containers.
- In-game stores, such as the Potion or Food vendors, do not function at all.
- Heroes can sometimes find one or two lives at the very beginning in DM mode within the breakable containers at spawn.
- Are red chests supposed to be any different from normal wooden chests? Currently they are exactly the same.
- Swap Positions DM ability sometimes does not work at all.
- Rabbit Breeder can sometimes teleport outside of the playable area.
- Stealth Traps DM perk sometimes does not function at all, as placed traps still flicker as partially visible, or sometimes are completely visible and not stealthed at all.
- When opening the item shop, the name tag of your profile displays 'MMMMMMMMMM' for several seconds and 0 gold.
- Joining an online game, hosted by another player using another language, will default all text in the chat log to the chosen language. For example, my Language is set to English. I joined an online game, and all text, including <Player> Killed a special Monster! came up in German.
- The 'Viewing Stats For:' panel on the main menu displays completely incorrect information.
- Killing special sheep, such as Green, Red or Black ones, sometimes does not trigger their special effect. The same goes for throwing them at enemies. Sometimes nothing happens.
- Projectiles fired by hostile creatures will travel on a flat axis through any invening but accessible changes in terrain, such as being able to shoot through the stairs at the entrance to the 'Dungeon' segment in DM mode.
- Changing graphical options, such as Low, Medium or High, has no effect whatsoever on visuals, but does appear to affect performance and framerate. For some people, it runs more smoothly on High, whereas for others, it runs better on Low, but there is no visual difference.

For reference, my computer specs are as follows.
Graphics Card - PowerColor Radeon HD5850 PCS+ 1GB Overclocked

Power Supply Unit - Thermaltake Litepower 700W

Cores - AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

Hard Drive - Samsung Spinpoint F2 1.5TB HD154UI

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H Motherboard

Memory - Mushkin 996768 Silverline PC3-10666 (2x2GB) DDR3

Running Windows 7, Latest AMD ATI Drivers.

I will add to this list if I find or remember anything else.
I wish the devs all the best. This is a wonderful game and I would love to see it grow and become more stable, with all the issues ironed out in due time.
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Can I add to this list?

Because this only happens on Dungeonland. I keep getting tabbed out for no damn reason.
Unfortunately, it appears we can no longer edit our posts to add to them. If you have any bugs or errors to report, please do so here. It is more effective to pool information in one thread than across many.
- With slowdown and low FPS performance, it appears that sometimes when having a DM card selected and rapidly clicking left click to activate it, sometimes the mana cost is used and the card removed from your hand, but nothing happens.
- With slowdown and low FPS performance, it appears that a good 50% or more of player projectiles will not hit targets at all, even when fired directly at them, and AoE effects can sometimes miss. I believe this is due to the hit calculation not registering due to the extremely low simulation speed when slowdown is experienced.
- In the lobby before a game starts, at character selection, sometimes the model of the Warrior, Mage or Rogue will flicker, or sometimes not be visible at all. When the game loads however, everything appears to display normally.
When playing a game hosted in another country, the chat messages, like who killed which elites, are in the host's language. It really should be translated to the client's language.
Also Want to Add.
When Fighting the Beerholder his minions can sometimes phase through wall of battle arena. This happened when I was a Vanguard and normally attacked them when they got low on health they appeared to turn away and phased through the wall. I was fighting them with their backs to the wall.This happened in DM mode.

Also when I was fighting(possibly lag not sure) as a vanguard I could not combo or move after I did one attack, untill I blocked. It worked itself out after i went to a new area.This was in DM mode.
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Ive found out that, while im using mine Logitech G930 theres some audio bugs, when the mage puts the shield on someone, just make some horrible noises.
My G930's are making a horrible, static zap every time the Gunner shoots.
As the ranger, if you jump backwards to put down your trap just as a spider stuns you, you will be sent in the direction you jumped in at 500 miles per hour, and you can't stop and/or reverse it.
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