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Boss Skills - Listing their effects (text walls inbound)
So seeing as I can't seem to find any information on the bosses other than letting bots waddle through the level as a test, I figured it'd be good if we could get info together about the bosses so people aren't ravaged before they know what they're doing.

As reference, all tests were performed on easy difficulty with bots


I'll start:

The Beerholder
left click - fires 3 small projectiles in a spread
right click - fires the same arcing projectile as the beer towers do
Q - boss is surrounded by a red aura for a few seconds, then explodes doing heavy damage.
E - summons a minion, there seems to be a few different types and the type summoned also seems to be random.
As far as minions go: minion that knocks back anyone near it.
minion that fires shots
minion that connects a purple beam to a hero causing them to take more damage until it is killed.
minion that connects a yellow beam to the boss making him invulnerable until it is killed.
I may have missed one
Space - the boss teleports, although he seems to either swap places with a minion or spawns one in his place as he warps.
G (ult) - the boss spawns 4 of the yellow beam minions making him unable to be damaged until they are all taken out, in addition he spawns a large number of his other minions at once.

Special health related abilities - I think it was on easy, but at around 30% or so hp he started having the projectiles fired by his Left Click attack fire from him in random directions continuously until he is killed.

The Elder Dragon
left click - point blank aoe jump stomp attack
right click - slams his cane a few feet in front of him
Q - vacuums the heroes towards him in a cone
E - continuously emits a firebeam. The impact area of the beam is remote controlled by the player while the boss remains still in order to channel it.
Space - jumps up and flies forward while breathing fire and knocking back anyone in the path

Special health related abilities - around 30% health the outer area of the arena is covered in fire leaving only a ring in the center.

Hippo the Griffon
left click - punch attack, can be chained into a 3 hit combo ending with a knockback
right click - fires a large slow moving bubble that causes knockback to anyone hit
Q - roots yourself to the ground to rapid fire blaster shots (be warned however that they do incredibly low damage)
E - take flight and gains high speed. During this mode you are able to either left click to drop poo or press E again to drop back down prematurely. His drop causes knockback in a wide area. The effects of the poo however are uncertain, if anyone has any info on what the poo actually does let me know. (possibly slows the heroes but needs further testing, credit to hopit)
space - boost a very short distance forward, again not sure but it didn't seem to have much effect on the heroes in any way.
G (ult) - take flight like the E skill but instead of poo you will rapidly drops activated mines. Ult seems to last a very long time.

Special health related abilities - around 30% health your jetpack will malfunction every few seconds sending you rocketing forward in whichever direction you are facing. Deals damage and heavy knockback to heroes.

The Mind Squid
left click - point black aoe knockback attack
right click - fires projectiles in every direction
Q - vacuums heroes to you in a large aoe
E - activates a barrier, seems to make you invulnerable.
Space - after performing a pose, the boss will rocket up and over a long distance. (note that if used while a hero is in front of you, the hero will block you and negate the movement)
G (ult) - teleports you to a random side of the arena while also spawning 3 other clones of you, could use details on them.

Special health related abilities - around 30% health 4 portals will appear in the arena that will constantly spawn minions. Also your right click attack will fire it's projectiles in a zigzag pattern.

The Minocow
left click - A simple melee attack
right click - a wave in front of the boss that pushes heroes and minions.
Q - sprays milk that heals minions in front of you.
E - spawns a wave of minions
Space - a charge forward causing knockback, also brings any minions around you along for the ride.
G (ult) - the boss goes into a frenzy and you lose access to all skills. For the duration you do damage and knockback to any hero you come into contact with.

Special health related abilities - at round 30% health the heroes will be trapped in a circular pen in the center of the arena with the boss.

The Lumber Tree
left click - swings his axe downward in front of him, decent range.
right click - kicks a large log ahead of him to damage and knockback
Q - summons a vine from the ground wielding an axe. It appears a few feet in front of him and damages and knocks back anyone who goes near. It has health and may be killed, may stay indefinitely until then.
E - forms a rock barrier to trap heroes in front of him, same effect as one of the dlc cards. Also note that you can destroy the walls instantly by walking over them.
Space - a barrier of some sort, I'm not certain what this does honestly. If anyone knows please feel free to add it below.
new note - on a second test it's not a barrier, but it also seems you can channel it indefinitely by simply holding it down. I have found that what it actually does is it affects your Q axevines. While you hold space, they will grow much larger and swing every few seconds.
G (ult) - not 100% sure, but it seems to summon a large number of flying axes to fly around the room, they also have health and can be killed.
new note - the axe summons seem to be random as most minion summons for other bosses. I have found that his ult instead activates a constant wind for the duration, making it very difficult to revive each other.

Special health related abilities - at 30% health or so he will pull out a torch and light himself on fire. This seems to apply a permanent damage over time to himself as well as limiting his attacks to only his left and right click abilities. During this, however, he leaves a very long lasting lava trail in his path as he walks.


Remember that these tests were against bots so far. I only really have online experience with both the beerholder and the lumber tree, so if any fans of the other bosses have anything to share that'd be greatly appreciated.

Another thing: if anyone wants to correct me on something or add new info that is not included it would be greatly appreciated.
Boss discussion in general would also be appreciated, just because I love these guys.
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Cheers for this, it's hard to figure out what the bosses abilities actually do in the heat of the moment when you are fighting of the heroes
the space bar for the lumber tree seems to buff the flying axes with knock back, also the ult seems to just be a wind physics, also when he sets himself on fire, the logs he throw have a DOT in the path they went and a DOT area where he also walks
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I have also been doing research on the bosses for a while, and still can't find out what that space bar does with the lumber tree.
I have been working on the monsters and bosses of dungeonland on the wiki page, along with a few others. If you wish to help out the feel free to post your findings here:


PS: the space bar for the Lumber Tree empowers all roots and axes on the field with extra damage
That's great to know! Thanks DoomDispenser. I would use the dragon more often, but it seems I have a harder time hitting heroes with it let alone the fact it's the only boss without an ultra.
I agree with you completely, the Elder Dragon is my favorite boss to play. Although I feel he is pretty underpowered compared to most of the other bosses.
Large update after doing more tests. Also since doing them I actually didn't know anyone even commented before it was swept away while I was getting more info, but thanks for the input.

Have a copy of this on the offical forums with opinions on each of the bosses, figured that bit wasn't too important so I left that out of this version.
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Old thread is old but the Mind Squid's <25% portals will confuse any heroes that touch them.
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