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Message From The Devs: "Of Bots and Men"
Hello boys and girls,

We've been collecting a lot of feedback from you in all corners of the internet. We thank you very much for supporting our game and helping to shape its future. Keep posting: we are listening!

One thing that has popped up in Beta and is popping up now again is the AI Bots.

Our stance on AI Bots has been the following:

** Dungeonland was designed as a multiplayer game. The AI Bots exist as practice/learning tools and to fill temporary gaps when a player is late or drops mid-game. **

You must keep in mind that we are a very small team. We can only work in so many things at any time, so any time we spend making the AI bots better means less time we are spending making the Multiplayer portion better. We are currently developing an updated roadmap of Dungeonland, to plan ahead and figure out which aspects of the game we will improve in future updates.

Since YOU are the costumers, we want to hear what YOU think. How important are the AI Bots to you right now?

Do you play with Bots most of the time? Do you use them to fill up empty slots often, or do you actually play Dungeonland as if it were a single-player game?

Would you be willing to wait on other improvements to DM Mode, or new Adventure areas, while we improve the behaviour of the AI Bots? If we were to improve them, what would you most like to see improved?

This is not intended as a poll, only a discussion. We want to hear what you have to say about it, but ultimately the responsibility of making a decision is ours.

Opinions, away!
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Chris 31.1.2013 kello 12.11 
My opinion is that you should employ a new currency for dungeon masters perhaps the earn tokens for killing heroes etc, the tokens are used to purchase the cards for monsters etc that are currently available.

This should stop people effectivly farming gold against the bots and buying all the items in the game.

You could even add a tab in the store that would allow gold to be converted to dm tokens on a one way only system so yet again stopping people farming gold against bots.

Not that you will respond to me but i like the game and hope you continue to support it.
Dani 31.1.2013 kello 12.14 
Considering at this given time I can't host a DM game due to extreme FPS and memory issues, the bots are very important for the overall experience. But as the FPS issues are fixed, this will become less and less of an issue.

I think that the multiplayer aspect should take up the largest amount of the team's resources. The multiplayer is mostly why people bought into DL in the first place, so we can either stomp creatures with friends or mess them up as the Meistro. I don't think fully functioning intelligent bots are entirely necessary. They're present as an okay alternative and can be challenging for a Meistro if the difficulty is Very Easy.

I find that the most frequent scenario is me and a friend plus one bot. As long as it's the warrior bot, we're okay. The other two bots aren't really smart enough to fill their roles. The warrior bot is, at the very least, an excellent meat shield.

A good, and hopefully easier, solution would be to just have adventure modes with a special event toggle. Turn the events off and the bots should do okay overall, as long as you don't run into a boss encounter along the way. The bots simply aren't smart enough to do the special events though, such as the gobble monster. By being able to toggle the events off, players have a much greater chance of finishing adventures with bot companions.

Also in this case, player groups can toggle off the events if they want the whole thing to be a little easier, though they might miss out on some gold since they won't get the big chests.
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Chris 31.1.2013 kello 12.17 
Dani are you by any chance running this game in windows xp service pack 2 compatability mode?

That apparently is a huge fps increase
Dani 31.1.2013 kello 12.19 
I am. It doesn't help while I host, but the game runs fine solo now. I can not host a DM game without FPS issues. I can DM by spawning creatures, but the framerate is so poor I can't control a creature with any real degree of accuracy.

Also if I DM two or more games, my system occasionally will just freeze and black screen. It will stop functioning, and I need to do a hard reboot.

It could also be the net code. But all aside, this thread is about the bots. They're looking into these issues now. Thank you for the suggestion, though.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Dani; 31.1.2013 kello 12.27
Please use all efforts to fix the extreme FPS and memory issues before tweaking the A.I Bots. I would love to see them improved, but at the moment the game is completely unplayable on my own computer due to the "stuttering" and I have to play it on my brother's computer.

I also liked the idea of having a different currency for DM and unlocking cards, but please focus on the FPS and memory issues.

Micer 31.1.2013 kello 13.00 
Your priority should be performance/stability above all else. That said...

As the DM

give an option for -75% hero damage. 50% they are too easy to kill and at -90% they are unkillable. The game would literally run forever with a warrior trapped in the corner if there are enough mobs and a res tower.

Increase the frequency at which the bots "regroup" the easiest strategy is to seperate them.

+20% target priority for towers

bots use hp potions at 20% health

As a hero
Stop letting bots consume player lives, the bots should respawn freely until the player exhausts all the the lives themselves.

Let the last people alive fight until they are dead. If they make it to the next stage (not simply the next area) allow the dead player(s) to come back. Right now I can't even believe how it works, it's possibly the worst gameplay mechanic I've seen in a LONG time.

Overrall I don't think the actual ai is bad at all. They do their job it's just they die too easy as dm or eat your lives as a hero.
While I tend to agree that the more serious bugs should be addressed first.

I'd like to see some basic bot functions implemented to make multiplayer and solo play more enjoyable.

First of all, I'd like to see them atleast use their potion abilties.

I'd like to be able to choose bots loadout ( from stuff we have unlocked). So we aren't stuck with fire mage, assassin rogue, and shield warrior all the time.

I'd like to be able to tailor bots with certains perk and potion load outs. I'd like to see them use these abilities with a degree of intelligence. If not, then I'd like some hotkeys that WE the players can push/bind, so that we can call on our bots to use their abilites.

So for example, say I map the G key. My mage has the potion ability. I press G and the bot drinks the potion.

I imagine some people wouldn't mind a solo challenge, and the option to disable bots completely could also be an option.
Bots are very important, but stability is most important.

With the amount of people that come in and out of any given game, chances are, you WILL have a bot on your team.

That being said, they take away lives and throw the game away for you. Not fun at all.
Artemis 31.1.2013 kello 13.05 
I play with the bots solely because it's so ♥♥♥♥ing hard to get in a real game with the god awful meeting place browser. That doesn't mean I want any time spent improving their AI though. The game isn't about SP and I want into proper games with real people so make that actually work before bothering with inconsequential stuff like the bots.
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autobro 31.1.2013 kello 13.06 
Chris lähetti viestin:
My opinion is that you should employ a new currency for dungeon masters perhaps the earn tokens for killing heroes etc, the tokens are used to purchase the cards for monsters etc that are currently available.

This should stop people effectivly farming gold against the bots and buying all the items in the game.

I wholeheartedly agree.
Jetstorm 31.1.2013 kello 13.17 
I'd like the game to be stable while playing online to avoid the need to play with bots. Next would be the skills to work properly for all the players instead of just the host.
I enjoy being able to play by myself, and having capable AI allies is a big part of that. I don't like feeling like I'm being shoehorned into playing with people, if playing by myself is an option (which it is here, thankfully). I do enjoy multiplayer, but I like it being an option.

I would definitely recommend first getting the game to be stable for as many people as possible, but improving the bot AI would also be high on my list.
Zero 31.1.2013 kello 13.18 
The number 1 thing, the most important thing right now is to solve performance issues. So yeah, bug fixing and performance improvements; also, we need to see the host latency for online games. That would greatly improve the experience.

Number 2 thing IMO is new content. Dungeons, itens, new stuff.

I don't think bots are that important.
autobro 31.1.2013 kello 13.20 
Lou the Lou lähetti viestin:
I would definitely recommend first getting the game to be stable for as many people as possible, but improving the bot AI would also be high on my list.

I think you're a minority in this. I'd rather have bot AI be incredibly low on the priority list. I bought this game to play with people since it was designed with that in mind and marketed as such.
Dubblit 31.1.2013 kello 13.40 
1:Solve performance issues
2:New content
3:Bot AI
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