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loading screen on mac
is it natural for it to take a long time when testing the connection?
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I was just wondering about the same thing!
tried to verify, tried to reboot, tried to relog, nothing works..
ya, no kidding did i just scammed into buying this game?!?!
anyone else stuck on the whole Testing Connection please wait message?
I have yet to see one menue within the game. I feel scammed
Still on the testing connection screen.
I don't get it why doesn't it load?
Left it over night to see if it could connect....It didn't manage to
They haven't responded to my support ticket I sent 2 days ago, either. :/
Same with me. Great, now i have TWO games that won't work. Krater and this.
having this same issue as well :(
im stil waitin
What a great scam.. Buy a game that doesn't work
Why does this HAVE to happen. Great Scam Paradox.
don't you just love how they're not even addressing the problem or lying about fixing it? no. it's all about the money.
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กำลังแสดง 1-15 จาก 98 ความเห็น
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