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matheusrma  [Entwickler] 21. Mai 2013 um 6:34 Uhr
Dungeonland Update 1.1 - Changelog
Hello princess-rescuers and king-slayers!

This time we have something bigger for you. We are bringing Dungeonland to the second stage of its childhood by introducing the first major patch for the game.

The biggest star of 1.1 is, of course, the Infinite Dungeon, which is now available for FREE for all Dungeonland players. We hope you have a great time dying over and over again as you try to get those nasty stars!

(Oh, and just for kicks, the studio record is level 14 with 1,867m - I’ll give a free Dungeonland 4-pack for the first 3 groups that beat it, just PM me on twitter @markventurelli).

Speaking of stars, we’re also debuting our Star System. All major Dungeonland activities will now reward you with stars that you can show off in your profile like an experience level. Can you get them all? Looking forward to meet the first level 18 players out there!

For people who are just starting out in Dungeonland and want to learn the hopes, or who want to play with friends and family but the game is too hard for them, we’re introducing the new Casual mode. This should be friendlier for first-time gamers and single-player, but will NOT award you any stars.

We also made major changes to Dungeon Master Mode. The Dungeon is now much more random, and we have included more than 20 new tiles with themes from Arcane Kingdom and Cannibal Kingdom to boot! All PvP matches are now disputed over a single, smaller level that transitions directly to the boss fight. You will find that we also redesigned everything across the board, changing spell costs, monster and hero stats, and much more!

Since too much is not enough, we also made a LOT of bug fixes. We have read all of your reports around the internet and worked closely with Paradox’s parachuting team of QA testers to squash the vast majority of serious bugs that were plaguing Dungeonland.

If you feel amazed by our endless generosity and want to repay it with some of your own, we have a lot of paid DLC in the form of cosmetic items that can be bought on the “Bundles” section of our Item Shop! Make your heroes look cool and help us make more Dungeonland stuff!

If cosmetic stuff is not really your thing, we have two new DLC packs for the Dungeon Maestro: the Spawner Spell Pack and the Viking Monsters Pack! Even if you do not purchase this new content, the new monsters are available for all Heroes to play against in Infinite Dungeon. You’re welcome :-)


See you in-game!


The Critical Studio Crew

***New Features***

Star System is live;

Infinite Dungeon and Infinite Mode are live;

Casual difficulty can now be selected (courtesy of Paradox’s Unicorn Division);

The DM can now choose which Heroes the Bots will play;

New monster available: Yetti

New monster available: Valkyrie

New monster available: Ice Frog

New monster available: Yettin

New DLC for Dungeon Maestro players: Spawner Spell Pack

New DLC for Dungeon Maestro players: Viking Monsters Pack

***Bug Fixes***

Fixed a bug where DM would have to press quit twice when in an online match

Fixed a bug where every spawner death would lower your mana regeneration rate

Fixed a bug where Yettin would have no hat in networked matches

Fixed a bug where Challenges would not be wiped out when ending a match

Fixed a bug where you could send the game back to lobby from the Scoreboard before everyone had made their decision

Fixed a bug where the Sleep vfx would sometimes appear incorrectly over the Dire Duck's head

Fixed a bug where the Firewall sound would play forever

Fixed a bug where two different music tracks would play simultaneously

Fixed a bug where clients had their Potions reset to maximum on each block start

Fixed a bug where the amount of Killer Bees and Dire Duck spawns in PvP would be larger than they should

Fixed a bug that would cause players to be stuck on scoreboards if "logged out" while a scene is loading

Fixed a bug that would cause players to be locked out of game and unable to choose profiles and inputs after leaving a DM mode match

Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash or hang indefinitely when quitting DM Mode matches

Fixed a rare crash that would happen inside the Item Shop

Fixed a bug where Potions would not align properly in the HUD

Fixed a bug where Bots would spawn outside the boundaries of the level

Fixed a bug where the Beer Holder’s minions to spawn outside the level

Fixed a bug where all player weapons would be painted red forever after a hit

Fixed a bug where knocked back players would sometimes get stuck into objects or out of the level

Fixed a bug where monsters would move forward indefinitely when possessed

Fixed a bug where the Host of a networked game would be in a weird "spectator mode" when logging out his profile inside the Lobby

Fixed a bug where the “open in-game chat” button mapping would not work properly

Fixed a bug where the Pause Menu would lock if the game was paused before any heroes spawned

Fixed a bug where Pause would block player controls indefinitely

Fixed a bug where the player would not be able to play the game with Steam’s microtransaction pop-up open

Fixed a bug where the Holy Ray Perk would not change the ray's color to green.

Fixed a bug that would cause the achievement The Power of Friendship to not be unlocked

Fixed a bug that would cause the game camera to enter the floor after the Cup ride.

Fixed a bug that was causing "With my own hands" achievement to be impossible to be achieved

Fixed a bug that was causing "Challenge Accepted" achievement to be impossible to be achieved

Fixed a bug where sometimes the Elite Skeleton arrow would pass over a hero without hitting it

Fixed a bug that would cause heroes to respawn outside rides and chambers after a client drop in

Fixed a bug where some invisible monsters would not become visible when using special abilities

Fixed a bug where Backstabs were not increasing the kill count

***Improvements and Optimizations***

Improved player HUD

Rebalanced and improved the performance of gold drops, in order to avoid potential problems during the post-Boss-Fight gold shower

Improved all colliders inside the Sheep Chamber

Better Truck texture in Cannibal Kingdom

Movement of possessed monsters is now mapped just like heroes

Art for DM difficulty stars.

Improved the Mud effect in Cannibal Kingdom and the new Mud Chamber


DMMode Main budget from 8 to 10

DMMode Branch Room budget from 6 to 4

PvP Difficulty "Easy" damage multiplier from 0.1 to 0.25

PvP Difficulty "Easy" Special Monsters HP multiplier from 0.65 to 0.75

PvP Difficulty "Easy" Elite Monsters HP multiplier from 0.65 to 0.75

PvP Difficulty "Easy" Boss Mosnters HP multiplier from 0.65 to 0.75

PvP Difficulty "Normal" Spawner Multiplier from 1 to 0.7

PvP Difficulty "Normal" Idle Spawns Multiplier from 1 to 0.7

PvP Difficulty "Very Hard" Spawner Multiplier from 1.5 to 1

PvP Difficulty "Very Hard" Idle Spawns Multiplier from 1.5 to 1

PvP Difficulty "Very Hard" Monster Damage multiplier from 1.6 to 1.5

Warrior's Tower Perk defense multiplier from 3 to 2.25

PvP Hippo The Griffon punch attack damage from 10 to 15

PvP Hippo The Griffon final attack damage from 20 to 30

PvP Minocow HP from 3000 to 4200

PvP Beerholder HP from 4000 to 4500

PvP Mind Squid HP from 3000 to 4200

PvP Minocow Spawn Monsters ability budget from 50 to 75

PvP Minocow Spawn Monsters ability cooldown from 15 to 20

Stalker attack damage from 27 to 30

Stalker attack can now knock heroes down

Ninja Monsters spell cost from 2 to 4

Polymorph to Sheep spell cost from 3 to 2

Darkness spell cost from 3 to 2

Aces Up The Sleeve spell cost from 2 to 1

Bully Push spell cost from 2 to 1

Summon Ninja Rat spell cost from 3 to 2

Summon Stalker spell cost from 3 to 2

Summon Dire Ducks spell cost from 3 to 4

Summon Wizards spell card can now be used closer to Heroes (range from 25 to 12)

Fire Circle spell damage from 12 to 24

Teleport Monsters spell cannot be cast near Heroes now (range from 0 to 12)

DMMode Level Main Path budget from 10 to 8

DMMode Level Branch budget from 6 to 4

Casual Difficulty BasicMonsterHpMultiplier set to 0.5

Casual Difficulty MonsterCountSpawnerMultiplier set to 0.75

Casual Difficulty MonsterDamageMultiplier set to 0.3

Casual Difficulty SpawnerHpMultiplier set to 0.5

Casual Difficulty SpecialsMonsterHpMultiplier set to 0.4

Casual Difficulty EliteMonsterHpMultiplier set to 0.5

Casual Difficulty BossMonsterHpMultiplier set to 0.4

Casual Difficulty DropGoldMultiplier set to 0.7

Casual Difficulty DropHealthMultiplier set to 2

Casual Difficulty DropSuperMultiplier set to 2

Casual Difficulty DropTicketsMultiplier set to 1.5

DM Mode matches are now comprised of a single level.

DM Mode level size set to 12 tiles.

DM Mode branch budget set to 6.

Evil gained on Checkpoints increased from 35 (23%) to 50 (33%).
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zeroxxx 21. Mai 2013 um 6:41 Uhr 
I've been keeping an eye on this game since its release. To be honest I was disappointed, based on video reports of course since I don't own the game, by tons of bugs impacting multiplayer and bad AI for single player practice match.

And from the patch log I still don't see these issues addressed?
ZeroX, we have fixed over 300 bugs since release.
bills6693 21. Mai 2013 um 10:14 Uhr 
Is the sale on now for this patch? I may pick it up now :)
there is still alot of optimization issues. i think a 670 with fraps on should have a steady 60 fps :P
Allayi 21. Mai 2013 um 15:22 Uhr 
Nice, thanks.
Well I have to say despite some issues, it's still a great game and loads of fun. And i'm always happy to see devs continue to work on their released game.
Thanks for the hard work! I bought a 4-pack and have zero regrets. I look forward to future updates!

To respond to zeroxxx, the single-player is slightly lacking, but it is excellent with friends. Also, I have played for about 8 hours and only encountered one bug (and that was prior to the update!)
Latif Ja'mla 1. Juni 2013 um 16:07 Uhr 
So, is the Spawner meant to spawn the sleeping ducks?
Plerr 1. Juni 2013 um 17:52 Uhr 
The spawner spell pack is hella overpowered at the moment. Any one spawner with the armor and healing upgrades cannot die unless all three heroes attack it uninterupted for like 10 seconds. I won a game on Easiest (heroes take almost no damage) as DM by doing this to a single spawner. Seems like theres always something to exploit in this game.
Ceifador 6. Juni 2013 um 17:34 Uhr 
Ainda estou tendo problemas para me conectar com meus amigos :/
Dr Zen 23. Juni 2013 um 15:20 Uhr 
Olá, sei que vocês são um estúdio BR e todo suporte a vocês, comprei o jogo há pouco tempo e tenho enfrentado bugs do tipo : os monstros de elite ficam atrás de portões e mesmo que eu consiga matá los os portões não abrem, upei screens no meu perfil para todo efeito, espero que consertem logo, um ótimo jogo (:
Dr. B00t 30. Juni 2013 um 14:59 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von ᗫᏞ tr4-:
ZeroX, we have fixed over 300 bugs since release.
thats not a good sign from a company when they release a game with over 300 bugs
bills6693 30. Juni 2013 um 15:03 Uhr 
Always looking on the negative.

Its not a good sign when a company doesn't have the money to bug-test for ages before releasing? Oh well, they just shouldn't release I guess.

Yes they released a buggy games - most places release buggy games it seems. The entire Total War series always have EXTREMELY buggy releases and they are held by many as a pinniacle of strategy gaming on PC.

At least they are fixing it and not just releasing it and abandoning it.
Parabanana 3. Juli 2013 um 11:01 Uhr 
hm :/
any fixes for the connection to server bug?
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