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axe11154 17. März 2013 um 12:38 Uhr
Return of the Goblins-DLC Idea
Back story
Long ago Mischief (The name of the DM for this story) had tried to open a Dungeonland before. Sadly little mischief only had one band of monsters who would work for him. The goblins. The sad part about the goblins is they were weak and were constantly beaten. Their king faired no better. Now in the new Dungeon land a hero has opened the barried caverns where the goblins still roam. Mischief now grown seeing this as a wonderful way to expand has opened it up as a official part of the park.

Buying this DLC the DM is given 3 new monsters, 2 new Special monster, and a new boss
Heros are given a all new hero.
every one gets to enjoy a new map (even with out the dlc.... actually maybe only dlc users..... this is a disision left up to the makers.)

Goblins:For half of 1 mana you can summon 10 goblins. Goblins are much like imps, they wield a shield (brake sin one hit) but are much faster. Sadly this speed and small size also make them easy to kill. one hit on the head and the thing is dead.
Goblin Riders:for 1 mana you can summon a group of 5. The little ones made even faster and stronger riding wolves. They dont wield swords but they cary a bow(n'arrow). Able to charge at a hero doing decant damage and knockback and can shoot from a good bit of range these guys are the king of hit and run. They can handle 2 hits before they die. sorta sad but this is a dungeon crawl.
Goblin Drake:You can spawn in 2 for 2 mana. A slightly large goblin (inbatween the size of a general and a normal one) who uses a dragon for a flamethrower. Do heavy damage and stun. This however is shortlived as after the dragon spits its flame it turns to ash. The goblin drake has low health like other goblins making is useless once the drake is used.

Special Monsters
Goblin General: A Large goblin wielding a shield (could be compared to an imp but has a little less health). Has the ability to summon 6 goblins to help out the fight. Hes slow, making it hard for him to get away. His melee attack is strong enough to push heros back.
Goblin Necromancer: A Large goblin capable healing monsters and bringing them back from the dead. He has low health and is slow but has a teleport ability.

(Note: Undead monsters while can do heavy damage are slow and as they loose health they loose the amount of damage they can give to heros. Undead can only be spawned on the map or )

Goblin king: A large fat, green guy wearing a loin cloth. hes missing a leg, 2 arms, and has a scar along his chest. One arm is covered by a spiky shoulder pad. that arm is missing at the shoulder though.... the second arm is only missing as the elbow with a stuffed Moose Head being used to replace the forearm.
Default ability: Moose smash: a melee attack that does decant damage.
Swarm: barfs up a bunch of goblins to fight for him. The barf pile also does damage when stepped on by heros and last for a decant amount of time.
Gobble: If a hero is in range the King uses his long tong to pick up a hero and eat him. He then spits him out doing minor damage but the hero will gain continuous damage via the saliva on him.
Toxic breath:Out both ends comes toxic gas that if a hero enters or is hit by will be slowed down and take damage.
After lunch: The King takes anther barf all of his monster sin it become undead.
Ultra:Mad Munchies: The goblin turns red lowering his mouth so the heros can be easier to get. durring this time he takes less damage and increased speed. For every hero he gets in his mouth the more damage the heros will receive when spat out.
Afterburn:The kings heart soon catches on fire and the stitches on his chest open. Damage out put is increased but he take extraordinary damage.

The new map
This map is all under ground and is much like a ruined version of the normal park. It gives a little better loot then the normal one but is longer at the same time. When the evil bar is at max you can for 4 mana summon a undead monkey horde, or a goblin horde
The zombie monkeys do higher damage then the normal monkeys but are slower. More health they loose the less damage they give.
The goblin horde is 10 normal goblins, 10 goblin riders, and 1 goblin general

Yep new hero has emerged and she is mad.
Yes I said she
She is the SUmmoner and is a well balanced hero indeed. SHe has the ability to summon a Golem to fight for her and can do moderate melee damage.
She ca switch between a golem (Melee) Crocadile (range) and a magic banana (for magic).

What yall think? sorry if it was a little long winded. I hope yall liked it.
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Loutus 17. März 2013 um 13:50 Uhr 
The new hero sounds awesome! (Sadly i dont have the game) and the story is well written. Did you write it yourself?
axe11154 17. März 2013 um 13:52 Uhr 
Yes. it took me a good bit of time to think of the background and all the little goblin bits
I think it woudl work great in game and giv emore viriaty
Phelsarus'Beel 18. März 2013 um 10:12 Uhr 
I realy realy realy like the idea of Swarm the Heroes with weak but cheap monsters but maybe you should add a third monster so the new map would be filled totaly by them maybe a ranged unit like the normal goblins comes with 8 units and shot poison arrows or throw bottles filled with poison that slow and do little damage over time i mean a full park of goblins would be cool and the summoner also sounds nice but you should also think about perks and pointons for heros i mean i understand the use of Q for summoning but what would right click do because thats mostly the ability to help your team pretty well. Still i realy like this idea and i hope the devs take a look and say lets make this a thing because i think goblins are something dungeonland realy needs ^^
MasterSJT 18. März 2013 um 10:24 Uhr 
For goblin are we looking at 10 spawn at level 1 or level 3
axe11154 18. März 2013 um 18:21 Uhr 
@ MasterSJT
10 level 1 15 level 3
These guys are weak, strictly foor swarming. They can easily be killed but thansk to their cheap cost can easily swarm the field as if some one kicked an ant hit.

@Thor the Thundergod
I wll add a third... I got a special one in mind
as for the summoner
I think I sould leave the details on her for the devs. They will know how to balance her and make her a righ part of the team.
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