BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

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Why is the Extra music so boring?
I find that the music drops from fantastic to boring when I hit that last plus sign. The music builds up from Hyper all up to Ultra and I am digging the music up to the point where I touch the last plus. I feel like dogding the last one just to keep the great music coming but I am going for Triple Perfect+ on all levels so that ain't happenin'.

So why is the music in the last stage so lame and slow?
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I second this post. The music in Extra mode in Runner2 makes it feel boring. In the first game, RUNNER, it worked. I was hoping Gaijin could put in more pluses in Runner2. Still, I like the game.
I know, it seems like you make way less of an effect on the music by dodging/kicking/stuff during Extra. For a game series all about influencing the music just by playing, this is important.
Sometimes the fast beat can get you pumping pretty fast, but the Extra, I think is to tell you to slow down and relax.
It's sort of like an achieving zen thing. you build up and then you just hit that point and everything flows smoothly. Plus it makes for a less jarring transition to the fade out at the end of the stage.

I hesitantly second the wanting the new modes in runner 2 though.
NeckbearededDragon is right, it's gives you a zen feeling, and I love it. The level starts slowly and you are trying to calmly nail each jump etc. Then it starts picking up and getting faster, and you start to tense up a bit, then it gets even faster and you are just trying to desperately get through without messing up, and it almost feels like luck. It's a huge rush. And then you hit the last leg after all that and the music change makes you feel like nothing can stop you. Everything is going perfectly, you can reach the end. It's a lot like running a marathon.

I think Gaijin Games really really nailed the music.
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