Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

DMB 2012年11月16日下午10:48
London Bridge II Glitch
I am in the 2nd part of the London Bridge area. I have the portcullis lifted with the two counterweights, but River refuses to follow me.
On a previosu attempt, she did follow but got stuck jumping, so I restarted the level. Now she will not leave the room.
I have restarted the level several times and I cannot get her to follow. I even did the first part of London Bridge again
Any suggestions, or is this a game ending bug?
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Sed the Cursed 2012年11月17日下午4:09 
I have the same glitch but it seems that River will follow you if you unlock the porticullis with both crates and only then you use the lever that locks the plateform.
SecondBest1 2012年11月17日下午6:43 
引用自 Sed the Cursed
I have the same glitch but it seems that River will follow you if you unlock the porticullis with both crates and only then you use the lever that locks the plateform.
that's because that's what you're meant to do...
Hey, bro. I know this is a little late, but I may be able to help you with your issue. I just got to this part and had the same issue. Was River jumping when you go up the little elevator right past the portcullis and jumping to the left instead up jumping and climbing up to the right? I went back down the elevator and ran around in the bottom area for a while and she showed back up down there. I went back up the elevator and ran around up there for a bit and she FINALLY followed me to the two switches to lower the drawbridge. Try jumping down to the bottom, without using the bottom ladder while you are in the top area. You will respawn and sometimes that kicks her into where she needs to be. Also, there was an earlier glitch that exiting fullscreen solved. Maybe if you are in fullscreen it will also help this glitch to exit it.
Ben McLean 2014年1月9日下午1:25 
They really need to patch the bugs in this crap!
vorik 2014年8月31日上午9:55 
seems like what you need to do is after dropping the crates and opening the portcullis, don't go all the way up yet.

you need to get to the lever near/above the ladder at the entrance of the building.

Doctor says something about River being able to cross the platform if I pull this lever.

after the zoom and pan, River should be waiting at the portcullis. Go thru the portcullis and go up. No need to wait for River.

Wait for River to move the platform using the lever, don't use the sonic screwdriver. If she doesn't move it for you, exit game, restart steam.

If she does, go to the upper level, and pull the single lever that lets you lock the platform. As you go back, you should see River making her way up.

I was in Windowed mode at this time. But I doubt that's necessary.
最后由 vorik 编辑于; 2014年8月31日上午9:55
Album Atrum 2014年11月18日上午3:23 
Such a bothersome bug
ChocolateChicken 2015年7月11日下午12:26 
im now stuck on this part help? plz :(
vorik 2015年7月15日下午5:37 
which part? river not following?
ChocolateChicken 2015年8月5日上午11:52 
vorik 2015年8月5日下午7:55 
you might need to restart the level. I think there are multiple save slots, so try one of those. It's a little tricky to get her to do the right thing, but that wooden section is near the beginning, so a restart won't hurt too much. post how you do and if there are still issues, we can try and build a screenshot guide
vorik 2015年8月5日下午8:09

looks like perhaps after dropping the middle 2ndlevel bridge from the top lever, try running the length of the level back and forth a couple times, like in the video at around 10:00
最后由 vorik 编辑于; 2015年8月5日下午8:11
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