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Just2McMuffin Jan 22, 2013 @ 9:06am
Thinking of buying this game? Heres a small review by a gamer, not a company. NO SPOILERS
EDIT: I played this for the XBOX360

First of, I just finnished this game litterly 10min ago and felt the need to spread the word.

As someone who has over 100 games both for my xbox and steam I'd say this is now one of my absolute favorites. People complain about the tecnical problems the PC version might have and so forth. If you do not feel like getting this game becouse of these comments, i highly recommend that you try to obtain this SOLID rpg for eather Ps3 or Xbox360.

The game is a solid RPG where you follow the orc Arkail and the Goblin Styx. Styx has been Hired to guide "Ark" as he call him, through human terretory and have him assassinate the human Emperor. The Orc have been suffering for ages under human controll, as the humans use orc as slaves to build they own empire. The Humans have been trampeling uppon the Orcs "religion" denied their existance. Until the day our 2 heros , OR Anti-Heroes, (now when the bad guy is the victim in this scenario), RISE for honor and glory. You will be playing thought multiple settings and you can accept side missions. These side missions effect the games story. Will you save a fellow orc but lose a chance of an ambush or leave the orc to his destiny and get to the ambush in time? I'ts up to you.

People tend to compare this combat system with Dragon Age, although some of it is true, i cannot agree fully. You can switch between the two with just a press of the buttons and they will start Auto attacking with the chosen stance ( Offencive / Special / Defensive) You can otherwise choose a combo of 4 attacks that they will preform. Theres about 15 or so attacks for each of them so you can string up quite some combos depending of your gamestyle.

Out of combat STYX can enter stealth mode and assassinate enemies to get more of an advantage. But if you are discovered all the enemies in the area will be alerted. There are dogs around that can sniff you out, JUST to make it alittle more interesting.

THIS... IS...AMAZING! The music of this game is fantastic. No song is getting repetetive and I'm sittin here listening to one of the songs from the OST ( Original Sound Track ) as i write. The sound of your orc running around on some floor types sound badass ( If you use Headphones ) and the sound of metal clashing in battle just adds another "+" to the game. The Voice actors did quite a good job with capturing the emotions of the caracters instead of just being stale.

The Visuals for this game is also quite EPIQ, i often want to go explore but since this is a straight forward game you cant go of the track and explore more than some special cases when Styx can enter some narrow corridors that Arkail can't becouse of his size. And while we are on caracter models... WOW ... the orcs looks stunnig. Arkail looks like a house with mucles... some things may pop in after a little but of load but rarley happend. Some animations may be alittle bit of in SOME cutscenes yet otherwise perfect. Also rarley i would get an FPS drop but then again i played if for the Xbox360.

This is now one of MY absolute favorites. The story just wants me to carry on with the mission and i had some problem at times to put down the controller. The sound and Visuals look and sound amazing. The gameplay is solid as soon as you get used to the SEMI-Slow downs to assign orders, personally i had no issues with this. Some people say it can take a few hours to get into this game ( some say about 4) but i got hooked in the first hour, and more so the more i played. The game took me about 12-14 hours i think. And them im a pack rat ( i want to try to explore every area)

As one gamer to another... Give this GEM a try.
If theres any questions, I will gladly answer them.

Jesus christ... I dont even write this much in school...
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Orc King Jan 22, 2013 @ 8:39pm 
I agree - I LOVE this game personally. Hopefully more people will give this game a chance despite their concerns with the DMR. And if that bugs you, then just go for the console version (assuming you have a console - I believe it is available for both the PS3 and Xbox 360).
Spartan Feb 7, 2013 @ 12:48am 
i am thinking about getting this game, from sombody that loves rpg's such as WoW, Dragonage, skyrim etc, would you recomend. just want to make sure i am getting the most out of my money :)
Just2McMuffin Feb 7, 2013 @ 5:28am 
I personally got over 100 games for the xbox and over 100 games on steam, my passion is RPGs. And i have to say that i really enjoyed the story of this game cuz of its caracters, yeah sure they drop the "F bomb" almost every sentence, although the story is quite compelling. The twist from ordinary Rpgs where orcs and goblins are the "Bad guys", here they are the "Good guys"
H.U.N.K May 4, 2013 @ 11:59am 
agreed I got this game for £10 and i think it was worth every penny yes the game is linear but then so is dragon age linear isn't a bad thing when theres a good story graphics and music to drive it on.

and I dunno what all the complaining about bugs is about i never came across any i guess i just got lucky
Spartan May 4, 2013 @ 7:38pm 
yea i did manage to eventually get it its a great game on how simple it is. i never came by a bug either. the only thing i would have really liked about this game is if they added charaters along the way, would have made things so much more better. i personally think it is an 8/10
MrGeekyGamer May 5, 2013 @ 2:08am 
What does it matter how many games you have? I have about 300 games on Steam, and 2-300 other games spread across other platforms, so my opinion matters more somehow? Hehe, not trying to flame.

I will be checking this game out i think, it does look really cool.
Just2McMuffin May 5, 2013 @ 3:20am 
Originally posted by MrGeekyGamer:
What does it matter how many games you have? I have about 300 games on Steam, and 2-300 other games spread across other platforms, so my opinion matters more somehow? Hehe, not trying to flame.

I will be checking this game out i think, it does look really cool.

The reason for me stating this is so people reading this text, i.e, you... will know that im someone who plays alot of games both rare, common, fps and rpg, Tripple-A and Gems. This information is so you can trust my argument as a "Real gamers argument" instead of one of those who play one or two games and belive themselves to be gamers.
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