Of Orcs And Men
Can't spend Attribute Points
After reaching level 2 I went to spend my points. I could buy skills, but my attribute points... nothing would spend them to increase anything. I figure maybe the thing I wanted on them was 2 points a piece so I trudge on and get to level 2. Still unable to spend attribute points. And since the one PC playthrough I saw did not explain how it is they spent theirs I can't tell if every key on my keyboard is not smart enough to spend the stupid points. And when I say that I mean it. I hit everything. F1-F12, every letter, number, symbol, and 10 key button including both enter keys, tab, shift and everything else. NOTHING spends the attribute points no matter how hard I hit the keys (I tried that too).

I like the game, but the sheer fact I can't even use one of the key functions has me infuriated and sorry I spent hard earned money on this game. It's infuriating.