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New update changelogs
Hi all,

After some time in testing, a new patch is now available automatically on Steam. Restart Steam if it doesn't auto-update for you.

Changelog Patch v.

[From developer:] Patch solves problems with achievements and contains many other small fixes. The full changelist is as follows:

Fixed freeze if the user spams 'use' button when installing a fence.
Fixed black screen in quarantine when fast traveling from Halai.
Added syncing achievements on profile load from profile to Steam. This fixes situations where player has completed some achievment but Steam did not get info about it.
Fixed Steam achievement registration upon gaining two or more achievements at once.
Fixed problem with not registering collectables for achievements (eg. "Hoarder")
Fixed sudden weather changes
Fixed - Marcus Villa does not trigger any mines and does not take damage from Molotov Cocktails
Fixed black screen game block if movie fails to play.
If the users accepts a game invitation or joins a coop session while in the Hints menu, the menu will remain on screen throughout the loading screen. Selecting any hint resulted in a crash - fixed now.
Repeatable quests exploit fixes - items: CraftPart_ElectronicScrap & CraftPart_Detergent removed from shop offer
HudDialogue: Inputs will be processed during dialog even if hud is not active. Now the player have possibility to skip the speech if subtitles are disabled.
If the user presses "F" (or other key if the use is changed in the Controls menu) and Esc key in a quick succession, he will be let unable to use the Fast Travel from that point due to the fact that the trigger disappears. This issue has been fixed.
MenuInventory: Fixed drop button focus while fists are selected during compare mode.
The user cannot select any hints using the keyboard arrows in the hints menu - fixed.
Explosive/shock throwable knives craft plan - fixed.
Added choice (YesNoDialog) for player if he wants to watch intro movies.
Pressing "back" while aiming sniper rifle caused view corruption - fixed.
Character selection menu speeches play now according to selected voiceover language.
Fixed "singing knife" problem when using knife with "tesla bomb knife mod" and "sticky bomb mod".
Facebook PC initialization modified. This shortens game startup time and may fix some issues with window and cursor behavior including deadlock on white screen.
Fixed double cursor on first game start after reboot. It is probably caused by Steam overlay. In result cursor show counter is always positive and cursor will remain visible
Fixed system cursor staying on screen if switching fullscreen to window after system (re)boot.
Fixed shift, alt and ctrl state not being cleared when Steam overlay is shown.
Fixed possibility to use an unlimited amount of grenades or other items.
Fixed clearing previous item if next item is the same (stackables) resulting in no item equipped in certain situations.
Additional check added for showing gather circles to disable them in single player.
MapPortal: OtherPlayersWaitingPortal message should not be visible if player can't move to waiting place.
Added hiding cursor after game init if it wants to stay visible for some unknown reason.
Picking up weapon when entering fury caused wrong weapon to be used during fury & weapon duplication - fixed.
Enabled instant switching of weapon for not local player object. Fixes issues with thrown weapon appearing in player's hand for a moment before weapon change info gets replicated.
Redundant LevelUp message at start game, or join other player.
Dying when exiting vehicle very close to an obstacle - fixed "limbo state" where no respawn was triggered.
Making sure that during the hub defense, only the spawn points on the roof in Cinema are used.
Zombie should no longer penetrate walls.
AI can't attack if it's close to the target and the target can't be traced. Fixed LoS through walls.
Foliage quality loading properly.
Changed audio bus for collectable tapes (disabled reverb).
Modified volume multiplier and default volume for speeches and player speeches.
Yellow furniture in Sylvia's parent house fixed.
Yellow grate in quarantine fixed.

Ask Techland questions directly in this thread:

Changelog Dead Island Riptide patch 1.10

Fixed the following issues:
- Autosave issue including objects state not being cleared upon starting new game.
- New Game Plus issue.
- Player unable to join people of the same chapter in Game Lobby menu.
- Alt-tab while splash screens (intro movies) problems resolved.
- Enemy characters are no longer removed from level after the cinematic at the end of chapter one.
- Equiping weapons using mouse repaired.
- Fix for parsing shops script. Makayla will now offer correct selection of items with Survivor Pack installed.
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Chaz 17 maja 2013 o 3:34 
Ahhh, Awesome. So that's why my game updated this morning. Thank you very much. I'm impressed. <3
right so new game plus issue is fixed. How can I get my old weapons ?
Tziirh 17 maja 2013 o 5:25 
As far as I can see none of the game destroying bugs such as the sound cutting out have not been fixed keeping the game in an unplayable state
Noizy 17 maja 2013 o 7:17 
fix glitch achievement, please :(
Darkoasis 17 maja 2013 o 7:51 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Tonkinese - NEW SHADOW WARRIOR:
took you dumb ♥♥♥ wanks so long to fix something hey

Do you ♥♥♥♥in make games? Do you have a ♥♥♥♥ing clue how to code? Do you even know how to do anything but holler for your mom and whine? Hell no. You sit at home in your momma's basement ♥♥♥♥♥ing and moaning about every little thing that's not perfect for poor little Tonkinese. If you don't like the game don't play it, don't buy it. They are working on stuff as fast as they can, Techland isn't a big company. Give them some time. and chill out. You act like if the ♥♥♥♥ isn't fixed instantly or in a few days it's the end of the world. Get another game to play in the meantime or better yet go to wall-mart and buy a life, whiney kid.
ahhh at last... no more lagg..
Sandcracka 17 maja 2013 o 10:04 
Thanks for fixing the special vendor. That issue bothered me more than anything else.
lame, still have my windows gui mouse pointer along with the games pointer...

shouldn't have bought this game day 1. it's decent at best.
i've had some fun with it so not really hating but man these bugs still in the game?
kind of a joke.
Slither 17 maja 2013 o 12:27 
judging by the reactions here, i don't even need to ask about the problem with the achievements xD
Początkowo opublikowane przez hugdealer:
lame, still have my windows gui mouse pointer along with the games pointer...

shouldn't have bought this game day 1. it's decent at best.
i've had some fun with it so not really hating but man these bugs still in the game?
kind of a joke.

yeah thats a real pain... hope they fix it soon.
Corvos 17 maja 2013 o 13:01 
is the co op sync problem fixed?
[XGS]DonkyBoY 17 maja 2013 o 14:04 
thought you could of atleast put some effort in and fixed the menus not scaling correctly for multihead setups considering the community has already done most of it for you.

you could have done it and claimed it as your own and every one would have praised you for it.

i see you still have not fixed the fov breaking the gun fighting mechanics either.
or sound turning it self off mid game forcing a restart.
or problems with cop op games not syncing correctly and ejecting players preventing them from joining back in untill the game is restarted
or the enemy one hiting a max level charactor with max health
or The mutants / undead / zombies / infectead from killing players in cut scenes.

These are 6 pretty major flaws yet nothing not even a mention if it will be coming in a later patch just nothing.

most of the things you seem to have fixed in this patch seem pretty trivial and you spent so much time on it just for thoses few things.

get some better programers the ones you have are a joke at best.

This game is not making you more customers the last one was a mess and this one is still a mess broken ect.... your not fixing the big problems and your taking a long time to come up with what you have come up with.

It is looking more and more like you released a product once again that was early beta at best we let things like this slide with the 1st game from you for that very reason, this time around we will not be so forgiving.

fix your junk or people will just stop buying your rubish and this is a shame as you actualy have a great sound idea and a great game its just a little broken and yuor taking forever to fix it.

Most of us have already finished 3 playthroughs and have put it away waiting for it to be fixed properly as you have taken solong already.

making your self a bad name once again.

so thats twice now do you think i will buy a 3rd ???
Ostatnio edytowany przez: [XGS]DonkyBoY; 17 maja 2013 o 14:19
Avenger1324 17 maja 2013 o 14:37 
If this is the new bug reporting thread, then there is still an issue with achievements not unlocking - it seems to be if you earn more than 1 achievement at the same time, 1 of them will not register properly.

So in game I can see 34/35 achievements completed, but Steam only registers 31/35, missing Achiever (complete all quests), Dream Team (all main quests coop) and Hoarder (all collectibles), since all of those triggered alongside other achievements when they popped.

Achiever and Dream Team are both likely to clash with You've Tricked Me Once, while Hoarder can clash with one of the other collector achievements.

Would it be possible for the game to check what achievements it thinks should have unlocked to get them to trigger correctly in Steam the next time the game launches?
KingB 17 maja 2013 o 15:08 
Fun game, but the number of post release bugs is disappointing. Thank you for finally addressing some of those with this patch. The game is still pretty buggy though. I hope the remaining issues are resolved soon in a future patch. I would rather wait awhile longer for a release date than play a game that has not been thoroughly tested. I'd rather pay for something when it is finished.
mbbc902 17 maja 2013 o 17:08 
Forgive me for acting stupid, but I dont see the download patch. Can someone please tell me where to dowload this patch?

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