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[v1.4] DI: Riptide Helper, the all-in-one tweaking tool
Hey everyone,

I'm the original author of Dead Island Helper. In the past week I've received a bunch of emails asking me to update the tool for Riptide and so, that's what I've done!

Download Dead Island: Riptide Helper[]

This is a separate program to Dead Island Helper. I thought it best to make unique tools for each game to eliminate any confusion.

What does Dead Island: Riptide Helper do?
  • Fixes keyboard-related micro-stuttering.
  • Unbind / rebind hard-coded controls (Use, firearm melee, mousewheel, throw special, charge, etc).
  • Change the field-of-view (FOV).
  • Disable various visual effects including motion blur, bloom, SSAO, weapon refraction and more.
  • Launch Dead Island: Riptide with intro movies disabled.
  • Disable event logging, which can improve load times and reduce stuttering (v1.2).
  • Enable SMAA (Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing). Uses Andrej Dudenhefner's injectSMAA: (1.2).
  • Change audio APIs, which can help with crackling audio.
  • Boost NPC voice volume.
  • Auto-terminate the "Berkelium" background process, which can improve performance (1.21).
  • Various other shortcuts, tweaks and improvements.
Please note this is a beta release -- I'm still trying to figure out exactly what tweaks still work and which need to be updated. "Overcast weather", for instance, doesn't seem to do anything in Riptide from my limited testing, though I've left the option visible so people can test it themselves.

Most of the other tweaks just required updating their line positions in the internal files.

If you have an issues, the best thing you can do is leave a comment on my website[], that way I don't have to traverse the internet looking for bug reports and suggestions! :)

Regarding the new splash screen in Dead Island: Riptide Helper: Just select either of the two options and it won't appear again.

If you'd like to show your support for the Helper, just give Zafehouse: Diaries over on Greenlight a thumbs-up.
最近の変更はCabsが行いました; 2013年4月29日 1時26分
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Thanks a lot Cabs, I look forward to using this. Mucho appreciated! =)
Been using your tool for dead island all this time and will surely be using this one as well. thanks so much for everything you do
Excellent! Thank you!
Awesome thanks!
You rock!

I had already greenlighted your game, so.. =)
Cabs 2013年4月23日 22時26分 
Zallman の投稿を引用:
Awesome thanks!
You rock!

I had already greenlighted your game, so.. =)

Thanks! :)
Cabs 2013年4月23日 23時51分 
I've released an update that allows you to rebind the firearm melee key and unbind the mousewheel from weapon selection.
Cabs 2013年4月24日 4時25分 
Just a wee bump.
Pinning this thread!
Axton 2013年4月24日 6時26分 
It's ok that your helper is still in beta, so is the game itself ;-p
Thank you
Thanks for the tool.
im still getting micro stuttering while moving though. :(
eĸo 2013年4月24日 7時03分 
Great tool. Thanks for your efforts

Keep up good work!
Thanks for your work on this and DIH, Cabs!

Greenlit Zafehouse:Diaries, good luck!
awesome thanks man
I love you for this right now.
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1-15 / 272 のコメントを表示
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