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How much diiffers?
Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. I got them both, but watched Riptide gameplay and It looks like a DLC to Dead Island.
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the best new thing about riptide is that any character can become skilled at any weapon type. People tend to over look that. But that doesnt excuse that its pretty much the same game. I personally like them both but couldnt help but feel cheated with riptide
Copy/paste answer to a question asked many times:

It is a continuation of the storyline, so it is a lot like the original. But it is not simply more of the same.
Here is a partial list of changes.


It has is a number of new weapon mods. Among these are a new class of weapon mods that increase DamageType_Cut, which were not available in DI, and a class of mods that allow area-of-effect damage.
New explosives include several types of mines that can be placed on the ground to defend an area or set up a trap.
There are new weapons, with hand weapons, blades, blunts, and guns, including scoped rifles.
New classes of weapons with reusable ammunition (Harpoon, Nail gun) allow you to recover the ammunition to use again.
A new class of stackable throwing knives has been added.
Useable flares allow bypassing the limitation of the flashlight duration.
Inventory management was simplified, with only weapons using specific space, so alcohol and medical items can be carried without sacrificing weapon inventory space.

Characters and combat-

There is an additional character to play with an entirely new skill tree.
Previous character's skill trees were revised.
Weapon types now gain experience allowing any character to become competant with any weapon type.
Melee action available while using firearms to push back enemies that are too close.
Ability to leap upon enemies from above (not all that useful but a significant addition.)
For co-op, there is a new rage mechanic where you can sacrifice your own rage and instead get a group benefit for 30-60 seconds. (Can be used alone as well.)


It has a new vehicle type, the boat, including specific combat mechanics when in use.
It has new zombie types (drowner, screamer, grenadier, mutated scientist, and wrestler generally), and if you count the variations (frenzied walkers, drugged infected, etc.) there are quite a few more, including "boss" types that are far tougher.
Zombie AI considerably revamped. Some can heal, some can climb, some will follow as long as they can see you, while others will loose interest if you are too far away, and of course, all of the new zombie types respond differently.
New elements include base/hub defence, where you have to stay alive and defeat groups of zombies that are attacking. You can use fences to close off approach routes, and in some cases you can use stationary heavy guns to defend the area. Stationary guns no longer have unlimited ammunition.

Also, the other main characters are present and you are able to interact with them, and they assist in the defense missions. You are able to upgrade the members of your team, improving the weapons they possess or the items they are able to sell you. Your group of survivors moves from base to base, so they are not stuck in one place the entire game. They also move around, making them appear somewhat more realistic.

Dead Zones, like mini-dungeons, exist, where buildings have been closed up and you can venture in if you want to... there are rare craftplans and craftparts that can be found in them that enable you to do the final upgrades for the team members, but you are not forced to enter into them.

A new quest mechanic exists, where instead of the minimap leading you directly to the quest target, it takes you to an area, and you need to search around in that area to find what you are looking for.

Relatively minor graphics and sound changes, including new skins and animations for the new weapons, mods, zombie types, boat, etc, and the Casebook, giving minor additional details about the zombie types.
7.1 sound finally works :D
Riptide continues the story from the original. It's worth it for that alone. :island:
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