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Tara Jan 12, 2014 @ 5:08pm
Going to play again, who wants to play with me? :D
It's been years since I've played this game, and the Big Bang thing actually looks awesome (despite so many other old school players hating on it so much) to me. The slow grind really bored me before and I hated the lack of variety in classes. Also now there're two animal based classes it seems, and that looks super fitting for my animal geekiness. ♥

Anyways, one mistake I made before was that I focused too much on the grinding and it eventually just got boring. I mean you spam like one or two buttons a bunch in a mindless fashion, and I refused to level with other people because it was slower.

I would also force myself to keep playing when I got bored, rather than play something else for a while and come back later. So I got really sick of the game.

To me the game was just about becoming stronger, and that was why I eventually quit. Now I'd like to try and make friends and find people to grind with. ^^ Also I wont force myself to keep playing when I get bored. Especially now that I have a real gaming computer and therefore have a much larger collection of games to play.

I really hope vac hacking isn't an issue anymore... it doesn't seem to be. It was incredibly annoying when half the channels just had vac hackers taking all the mobs. >_> I don't really care about the apparent item duping I've been reading about, I'm not much of a merchant.

I haven't the slightest clue which server I want to play on. Last time I played it was Broa, but there were only 3-4 servers back then and not nearly as many people. I bet that server is packed now, so I should probably join a newer server. I'm not sure if I can even remember my old Nexon login info anyways.

So feel free to advertise your server and let me know about yourself like what class(es) you like to play and such. Maybe I'll decide to join your server and we can be friends. :3

Oh! Forgot to ask, are potions easier to get now? I remember never having the gold to buy potions, because I went through mana potions like crazy. That really turned me off from the game.
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Aero Jan 12, 2014 @ 6:50pm 
ill play with you
Some random guy Jan 13, 2014 @ 4:38am 
If you join Khani, let me know. =)
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