TETSUO! Jan 9, 2013 @ 12:14am
How my playthrough ended.
It was hard at first, to come to grips with it all. All signs seemed to be pointing to this end, this revelation granting the last piece of evidence to the condensing jigsaw of my memory. And then, wrapped in those dirty sheets, I saw, what did I see? Did I see her, or did I just stop seeing? It looked, god I feel sick, and I hoped so hard, I hoped so hard that it would be nothing, so hard that I just said NO. It was hard at first, like I said.


I wake up. In bed. With a pounding headache. Stale booze coats my breath as pain shoots through every limb. But this isn't like a normal hangover, I can remember walking through the woods, through the factor-UGH-

Bile lingers in my throat after dry heaving into my pillow. Pulling myself out, my head still throbbing, I glance around. Those are my books on the shelf. Some of these must be someone else's, Rachel's maybe, yea, Rachel, I was thinking of her in the basem-, oh I think there's some lef-UGH-

What did I drink last night? I gotta realign my head. I'm not touching this ♥♥♥♥ again. It's got me thinking crazy, about girls and bodies and houses. I just got to get away from here, break these patterns. This'll be the week I do it. I'll sell the house, find a new job, meet some girl, yea, set things right. Everything's fine, I'm just in a bit of a rut, that's all. Everyone is, the economy and jobs and all. Just overdoing the booze a bit. Yea, it'll be a new me, -WAUGH-


Then a different pain hit me, this wave of fear, an electrocution of guilt and hate and shame constricting every muscle, and I screamed out NO. That's the hard pain, it didn't heal with the hangover. You've got to remember who you are, though. You're a good guy, never wished harm on anyone, you've just been on your own for a while. Don't let this monster through with his screams and the feeling of flesh opening up, and the warm fluid crusting in black on your hands, none of that ♥♥♥♥. Positive thinking, pure heart, all that nonsense. That's someone else, that isn't you. Those people don't exist. Like I said, it was hard, but I'm getting by.