Lestrade  [개발자] 2012년 12월 28일 오전 5시 12분
Played Home in a creepy place? Tell us about it!
I get told by players every now and then that they played Home in a particularly creepy setting to maximize the effect. One family (yes, the entire family) told me at Gamercamp here in Toronto that they brought their laptop to the family cottage and played the game there.

(Truth be told, I was kind of hoping to hear stories like this.)

So, if you like to "method game" like this, I'd like to know! Played Home in the woods? Brought your laptop and some headphones to a field in the middle of nowhere? Do tell!
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subs 2012년 12월 28일 오후 8시 02분 
Really anywhere that is dark and quiet. I played in my basement while there was a thunder storm outside so that added to the games atmosphere greatly. Btw did you get any insperation from amnesia and their idea of the horror game being an experince more than a challenge?
Lestrade  [개발자] 2013년 1월 3일 오전 10시 03분 
Hey, the thunderstorm probably helped a lot!

To answer your question: I hadn't played Amnesia until after Home was completed (I only played it to a certain point; need to go back and finish it). The idea of horror-as-tale versus horror-as-challenge was something I wanted to do for many years; I'm just glad to see more games exploring this.
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