The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

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Van Helsing Demo out now!
Fellow Hunters,

If you craved badly for Van Helsing but you wanted to try it out for free first, your chance has come. You can now download the Van Helsing Demo pack for absolutely free!

In the demo, players can explore the wilderness of Borgovia with the Hunter, the Thaumaturge, or with the Arcane Mechanic to slay the hundreds of foes lurking in the forests.

Be the one who guides the young son of Professor Abraham Van Helsing to Markovna and through the monster-infested Croakwood to help him become a hero. Get ready, and prepare yourself to obliterate your foes with guns, swords, magic, or science!

If you are new to the game, feel free to check out our Youtube channel for videos about Van Helsing, and you are more than welcome to browse our forums[] where you can find tons of information about the game. Also, on our devblog[], there are many interesting articles about the development, and you can find the latest news about Van Helsing there as well.

We are live streaming the game on every Thursday at 11 AM PDT.

The demo got released along with Van Helsing I: Complete Pack, so if you will be satisfied with the demo version, you can get the whole bundle for a bargain price!

Steam store page: (Search for the Download Demo button at the right)
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StriveMind 2013年11月28日下午2:10 
The demo seems to have the same issue as the full game, where you're locked into using the controller if you have it plugged in, with zero mouse and keyboard support.
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