The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales

Encephalon May 24, 2013 @ 7:45am
My Review of the Game. (An entertaining and nostalgic trip)
The Book of Unwritten Tales is a point-and-click adventure video game created by German developer King Art/Nordic Games originally released in 2009 in Germany and translated to English and re-released in 2011.

Despite being originally released in 2009, the graphics still looks very beautiful and hand-drawn with alot of attention to details which makes this a beautiful journey to adventure in. Animations are smooth and fluid and the whole game just looks very pleasing to the eye. The cutscenes could use some improvements however, as they are lower resolution pre-rendered videos with no option for subtitles even though the game itself supports it.

Music is also very orchestral and professional sounding, with nice little jingles accompanied with sweeping epic symphonies. Voice acting is really very good and each of the voices add alot of substance to the characters.

The story itself is about 14 hours long and is an interesting and light-hearted tale that pokes fun at itself and pays homage to alot of fantasy and RPG stereotypes.
Although there are no in-game hint system, the puzzles are not very difficult and feels just right. There are however some puzzle minigames that may require a little dexterity (Eg: a rhythm based music game)

For younger gamers who have not played the classic old Lucasarts adventure games however, they may not get some of the jokes. For the most part though, the overall plot is easy to understand, entertaining and a clever plot mechanic near the end certainly surprised me. The ending was a little abrupt however, and while the game does end in a cliffhanger, it is still quite satisfying.

Downside, there was a potential game stopping bug relatively early in the game and I was lucky to have had a savegame beforehand. (Protip: Do not press ESC when you are doing the Wheel of Fortune, because if you do, the character animations will just loop and you will not be able to progress further)

Other minor annoyances include not being able to make the character walk faster, and the typical "mouse-over everything on the screen until something is clickable" type of situations. (2nd Protip: Pressing Spacebar will allow you to see ALL the clickable locations on the screen. Be forwarned however that this might make the game a little too easy.) There are also no bonus features to unlock once you've beaten the main game thus lowering the replayability value.

Overall Rating: 8.0 / 10
Old-school adventure gamers will enjoy this game and appreciate some of the jokes which would bring back some nostalgic memories. It is not a very difficult game, and you don't have to think out of the box. For newer gamers who have never played an adventure game, this is an excellent introduction for you. Definitely one of the better adventure games out there and well worth a look. Don't miss it.
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