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Sil.^ Sep 11, 2013 @ 6:54am
Total War Elitists UNITE!!!!!
We need to step up and demand change! We want all of the old features back!

I know they are going to keep patching the game, but I for one, am afraid they will not add the features we all love...

Where are the family and skill trees?
Whats up with the boring political system?
Where are the historical facts?
What happend to all the cutscenes?
Whats up with this simplistic technology tree?
Why do I not care at all about my generals?
(I mean that since they are just pictures of random people nothing else. Like who is this guy? My son or the janitor? I dont see how he is related to my dynasty? There is no indication and no way of knowing who he is. A family tree made it all feel connected, and it was fun to watch your family grow and eventually you would have some bad asses.)

Add more in the comments as you like... I am just venting my dissapointment, and hope modders will be able to bring back some of the former glory of this series. Right now it feels like the only interesting aspect of this game is the warfare, and even that is lacking (stupid flags and AI)...

Interesting thread about an alternative to the current political system. It already sounds a lot better than what we have now.
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Jonathanev1 Sep 11, 2013 @ 6:58am 
Tech tree is fine family and skill tree is there would like more cutscenes however and the game better optiminzed
Sil.^ Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:00am 
Originally posted by Jonathanev1:
Tech tree is fine family and skill tree is there would like more cutscenes however and the game better optiminzed

Family tree is where? Skill tree is where? I dont see it?
Where are the family and skill trees?

Skill trees are in the encyclopaedia. Family trees? Yes.. please, CA... please give them back! I never cared about them, personally, but I always intended to... (Not taking the mick. Seriously. I really did always intend to and I'd probably be a lot better at the previous games if I had done. lol)

What's up with the boring political system?

That's fair. Personally, until the day comes that they steal some staff from Paradox, they should just leave that stuff alone.

Why do I not care at all about my Generals?

Because you are a cold, unfeeling psychopath? :D

Where are the historical facts?

In the encyclopaedia.... but damn, we deserve more!

What happened to all the cutscenes?

Yeah... I miss them. I do have to admit, mind, that I watched them once and forever skipped them. I think most folks did.

What's up with the simplistic technology tree?

Definitely agree. I think it does the job but there is always room for more complexity. :) Sadly, I don't think the majority of our species agrees with us on that one, mate.
Sil.^ Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:08am 
So why are the skilltrees in the encyclopedia? But not on the general info panel like in previous games? It was way better to plan ahead when they were on the general info panel. To be honest I liked the old way of doing things better, right-click on the general would bring up his info panel. Now I need to click on details, then general then pick some skill without knowing the full skilltree at a glance.
Yeah... it is a pain in the butt. I agree. :) In their attempt to streamline the UI, they've done a "Microsoft Office" and hidden everything. lol

"Ease of use!" Yeah... for the guy who designed it! :D It's like when my wife tidies my desk... sure... it does look great! Now where the hell is my pen?
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Jarl (Banned) Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:14am 
TW elitists.. lol.
Sil.^ Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:15am 
I thought the game was already very streamlined? Who did they make this for? It looks a bit childish, whereas previous games looked like products aimed for the adult market.

Why change something that does not need changing. All in all, the game has potential, but I hope they are planning on implementing simple features from past series, because removing features surely is not the way forward for this series.

I am almost as dissapointed as I was with Civ 5, Civ 5 is truly a lot worse than Civ 4 and Civ 3 and Civ 2 etc etc...
Caboose Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:20am 
all those who fool themselfs beware - this is the worst game CA has ever dared to release (spartan Total warrior included) and you sould be ashamed to defend this piece of crap. Iv been playing TW since the very 1st game...This game needs at least another 6 monthes of development and another 6 monthes of Beta testing. Stop defending what sould not be defended you know its ♥♥♥♥ - they think they can get away with this -you are letting them...
Lafferty Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:20am 
The family tree should have been implimented because it fits the time period perfectly. You didnt see random guys being adopted into the great families its just crazy. Not to mention one historical fact JULIUS CEASAR was given land as a gift for his services (gaul) something we can only dream of in this game. I cant imagine how hard it would be but cmon allocating regions to generals by taking a long look at crusader kings shouldnt be too hard.

If we could allocate regions at least statesmen would play a bigger role other than sitting about doing absolutely sweet f*ck all. All the features are half finished or just put in to make up for limited developed game.
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RedWolf Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:21am 
What's up with the capture the flag battles!? Way to take the terrain out of the picture completally guys!
Caboose Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:24am 
Originally posted by Libertine:
oh..another "everything used to be better in the past" thread ...

suck it up is all i can say to that.

This is a cry for help - wer trying to save this series - becouse of ppl like you -its doomed
Pintaar Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:26am 
If you dont like the game then dont play it. They need to fix the long turns though. And ofc some normal patching to fix the ordinary bugs etc.
Caboose Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:28am 
Originally posted by _-=Pintaar=-_:
If you dont like the game then dont play it. They need to fix the long turns though. And ofc some normal patching to fix the ordinary bugs etc.
ok - please refund my 60$ wronged and false advertised ....why am I not entitled for my hard earned cash back ?
Sil.^ Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:32am 
Originally posted by _-=Pintaar=-_:
If you dont like the game then dont play it. They need to fix the long turns though. And ofc some normal patching to fix the ordinary bugs etc.

No Wrong! They need to re-implement the old features... Why is removing features acceptable? It feels like a massive step backwards in the grand picture of things. This is exactly what I am afraid of, CA just plainly patching the game, whereas they should add the features that are missing. It is people like you that enjoy wattered down games? I for one expected a solid total war game, and it has not been dellivered.

Btw my turn times arent as bad as I have seen on videos of others, but maybe that is because I am running the game on an SSD.
Maarten ♡ Sep 11, 2013 @ 7:32am 
@Carboose: bacouse of bat spelling engrish is doomed!

But yeah, I like the title of this discussion. The TW-series took some serious damage by this release. And I do think that their efforts to ease the gameplay to attract a wider audience is one of the culprits here.
Ppl love the TW-series because it is ruthless, not because it is great for casual gaming. Listen to your loyal fanbase, and don't try to make the franchise accesible for those half-interested fps-players with too much money to spend.
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