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Orange Oct 30, 2013 @ 7:12am
Mac version very slow
- Platform: Mac OS X 10.8.5

- Hardware: 2.9Ghz i7 13" MacBook Pro, 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM, External Monitor 21" DVI on mini display adapter, Game files on External USB 3 HD (internal SSD reserved for OS) - Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB

- Control mode: Arcade

- Exact description of the problem: I can launch the application, but I can't move the mouse, it seems to be running at 2 fps. This is a fairly new macbook pro. I tried on lowest settings @ 1024x768 on both windowed and fullscreen mode, I also tried with and without external monitor and also moving the game files to the local internal SSD. All the same result extremely slow, I can't do anything on it. I can play other graphic hungry games, like borderlands 2 and lastest counter strike, etc. How do I fix this? and if I can't, can I get a refund?
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[= GF =] Slnecnica  [developer] Oct 30, 2013 @ 9:27am 
Well, that's tricky. Even though this is the new MacBook Pro, Intel HD 4000 graphics card is not really a gaming card. We explicitly write down in the requirements that currently the game does not support integrated Intel HD cards.

The games you mentioned are not exactly the latest games (2009 borderlands, 2004 CS 1.6)

I acknowledge that the game is not exactly the latest Crysis in visuals but still there is relatively large amount of the polygons in the frustrum of the view which require higher raw power.

We will consider an option how the game can be accessed for Intel HD GFX cards too.

As for refunds - you need to contact Steam for this, we only can provide support unfortunately.
Orange Oct 30, 2013 @ 10:51am 

thank you for your reply.

However some information for you:

Borderlands 2 released in September 2012
Counter Strike: Global Offensive released August 2012

I think they still count as new enough, I suspect they have high poly counts as well. BTW I model 3D models in modo for my day job, and it flies around 1million poly models, and this mac hasn't failed me yet.

I can't seem to understand how you game is more hungry than borderlands 2 IMO!

Some info about the chipset:

according to that site my i7 cpu means this graphics chipset should at least play this at low settings? I literally get 2 fps on the lowest settings, which is crazy. I can upload a video to youtube if that helps you see the problem better?

Orange Oct 31, 2013 @ 2:11am 
UPDATE: I installed bootcamp with windows 7 pro, installed steam, installed your game. SAME LAPTOP, Plays fine.

What gives?!?!?!

btw im not going to keep boot camp installed to just play your game. I bought this game to play on my mac OS alongside my other mac OS titles, WHICH PLAY FINE!
[= GF =] Slnecnica  [developer] Oct 31, 2013 @ 3:32am 
Well, DirectX (Windows) and OpenGL (Linux/OpenGL) are completely different interfaces, in our case each has completely different code base.
We will see what we can do though! Sorry for inconvenience.
climberat Oct 31, 2013 @ 1:51pm 
I had the same issue when I tried to run it on my brand new 2013 MacBook Pro (with all the top of the line options). Then I ran it on my 2008 MacBook Pro and it opens, but now there's several other issues (see other posts).
Orange Oct 31, 2013 @ 6:28pm 
@Sinecnica ty wont hold breathe but at least I hope you find what makes it unable to play on the mac.

@climberat yeah I think its the newer cpu "enhanced" graphics thingy's that's doing this tbh.
MentalFloss Nov 16, 2013 @ 3:26pm 
I have exactly the same issue, though a better graphics card. (AMD Radeon HD 6750M 3D)

Lising our graphics card seems to be minutea to the problem, though -- we're all running OSX on MacBook Pro's, so the issue may lay inside OSX or with hardware that's common across MacBook models.
Oberon Nov 17, 2013 @ 6:17am 
I'm a little stunned - the game claims to play on a fairly standard Mac but doesn't! Sluggish doesn't begin to describe the graphics - music play fine - but man there is something definitely wrong here - and I've set the graphics at the lowest it will go - still doesn't make any difference!
tasmanuk Nov 17, 2013 @ 12:11pm 
Have exactly the same problem. Lowest setting available and cant even move around the menu screen as the framerate is about 1fps
Orange Nov 18, 2013 @ 2:52am 
Originally posted by openskys:
I'm a little stunned - the game claims to play on a fairly standard Mac but doesn't!

Agreed. I suspect the dev wishes he never touched the osx build. He was happy to take our money though.
levent Nov 18, 2013 @ 6:41am 
grrrrrr.. same problem is here. i can play dead space 2 without any lag but this game absolutely unoptimized :D
cobrast5 Nov 20, 2013 @ 2:05pm 
I have found several threads with the same problem on here.. They all have one thing in common. Devs don't get back in a timely fashion. You could at least let us know if you're working on a fix.
gct Nov 20, 2013 @ 3:45pm 
same issue Very Low Frame Rate, unable to select pilot,, running 10.9 with 12G RAM and ATI Radeon 4670, runs fine in bootcamp.
MentalFloss Nov 25, 2013 @ 6:36pm 
I submitted a ticket to the developers about a week ago and pointed out this thread as a record of what hardware has been affected and that I'm not alone but I haven't heard back.

If anyone else has submitted tickets and heard anything back on solutions let us know.
Orange Nov 28, 2013 @ 3:50am 
Originally posted by = GF = Slnecnica:
Well, DirectX (Windows) and OpenGL (Linux/OpenGL) are completely different interfaces, in our case each has completely different code base.
We will see what we can do though! Sorry for inconvenience.
Any Update on this? I can verify older macbook pro can play this game on low settings, so I think the newer macbook pro's are the issue? Would be nice to play as there are not many combat flight sims for mac os out there.
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