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Moarty Feb 16, 2014 @ 4:06pm
Create your own MMORPG in Game Maker - RizenEngine
Current Version: 0.01ALPHA

What is RizenEngine:
RizenEngine is a fully functioning, constantly updating MMO engine for Game Maker!

Top Features:
Login and Registration System
3 Characters per account
Secure MySQL Infrastructure
Character movement
Chat System
Server Viewing Remotly
Constantly updating and adding features
Uses game makers built in networking functions

GMCs Posting Guidelines:
Category: Open Source MMO Engine
File Size: 62Mb
GM Version: Studio
Vista Compatible: Yes
Changes Screen Resolution: No

Be sure to click Second Image at the top too

MySQL 5.4 or above (Recommended to use Xampp)
Visual Studio 2012 (MSVC 11) Run Time
GMSQL (Included in download)
HeidiSQL (Free-Highly Recommended not technically required)
Game Maker Studio Professional

How to use:
Please refer to this page as it would take up way too much space here.

Download Link:

This is a running list (which will shrink) on why you should not create a real project with RizenEngine YET
Its insecure
Its unoptimized
Poorly documented
Poorly commented
Hard to follow and understand
With time we will be taking things off this list :)


Q: I need help!
A: Do not post it here, I will not be giving tech support in this topic it is way to hard to follow. Please go to:

Q: I know a better way to do something
A: I'm sure you do, its not hard to optimize code that is this much all over the place. Please go to: and post it and we will get it changed.

Q: It is way to complicated
A: MMOs are complicated. Granted, most of the code has yet to be optimized and commented properly so with time it will get easier, beyond that, second guess your MMO aspirations until you learn more.

Q: I want to get involved
A: Please do, we would love people to become active and help the project grow! Please go to:


0.01A (2/16/14)
Initial Release
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SkySpear Jul 22, 2015 @ 8:48am 
Looks pretty darn cool though :D
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