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Fairy Bloom Freesia

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Your preferred skill setups?
As the title says, since the game has a heavy focus on customisation and building your preferred fighting style, which skills do you find yourself using more? Do you switch them depending on the stages/boses or, once you unlocked them all, you decided to stick with a set of them?

I find myself using a mixture of the magical skills combined with melee strikes (like Just Revenge) and for bosses I tend to favour the HP/STR boosts.

On Stage 4, where the tilting platforms make it harder to stand your ground, I switch to a more offensive magic setup and just blast away those laser missiles. Freesia Mech!

So, yeah, which is your preferred fairy-fu style?
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Here's my preferred fairy-fu style:

Special Skills:
* Mother's Breath (X)
* Tears of Sol (UP)
* Peacock (LEFT/RIGHT)
* Lightning Drop (DOWN)

Optional Skills:
* Just Defense
* Regenerate

With this Freesia is unstoppable in my hands. (:
peacock all day, magical magi + lower mp consumption.
kills enemies quick but leaves you VERY VERY prone to dying
Special Skills:
*Peacock (X)
*Arc Slicer (UP)
*Peacock (LEFT/RIGHT)
*Lightning Drop (DOWN)

Optional Skills:
Hard Turtle
Rune Soul/HP Up

Backstep alot and spam peacock. Guardian mode full cleared with this strategy.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Crumpeter; 2012. nov. 25., 12:29
Special Skills:
* Arc Slicer (X)
* Arc Slicer (UP)
* Arc Slicer (LEFT/RIGHT)
* Arc Slicer (DOWN)

Optional Skills:
* Berserker
* Regenerate

Yeah, I'm awesome like that.
Special Skills:
* Silhouette Mirage (X)
* Silhouette Mirage (UP)
* Silhouette Mirage (LEFT/RIGHT)
* Tetsuzankou (DOWN)

Optional Skills:
* STR Up
* Hand-to-Hand

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsewqrPkROs <- Managed to do this with it
I tend to use this:

Special Skills:
* Samurai Edge (X)
* Tears of Sol (UP)
* Arc Slicer (LEFT/RIGHT)
* Lightning Drop (DOWN)

Optional Skills:
* STR Up
* Regenerate

Haven't had any issues so far but I'm still not fully done with Guardian Mode, only on day 60.
I prefer the following

Special Skills:
*Silhouette Image (X)
*Swallow (Up)
*Crescent Spike (Left/Right)
*Lightning Drop (Down)

Optional Skills:
*Rune Soul

I like this set up for high speed mobility using attack moves that further give me a change in momentum with a single ranged homing spell to hit enemies I prefer to stay away from or get in my way while I tend to more pressing foes. I'm sure Peacock is better than Swallow but I forgot to nab it before starting a new story with previous skills. Sometimes i prefer Testsuzankou instead of swallow.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Virason; 2012. nov. 23., 14:10
Special skills:
Lightning Drop (X)
Tears of Sol (Up)
Sonic Rampage (Left/Right)
Peacock/Shrike (Down)

Optional Skills:
Rune Soul

Finished all difficulty and guardian mode with this setup.
gotta love rune soul LOL
I don't see much use in regen as I (almost) never get hit unless my guard breaks
My good ol' cheap shot skillset!

Special skills:
Peacock (X)
Tears of Sol (Up)
Samurai Edge (Left/Right)
Lightning Drop (Down)

Optional Skills:
Regenerate (Max ASAP)

On more difficult bosses (especially on higher difficulty settings) I would replace Samurai Edge with Silhouette Mirage for evasion, and Berserker with Two Hearts for that extra reprieve.

Tears of Sol and Lightning Drop are for better up/down movement control. I'm used to Super Smash Bros. controls, so it feels natural to have a 3rd jump and a ground pound as up/down specials...and Lightning Drop is pretty beast with damage and knockdowns. Samurai Edge is useful for crowd control, it can even knock enemies that are stuck in a corner behind you forward so you can line them up better, and more importantly, it can quickly knock enemies away when they're crowded around your vortex on vortex stages.

Peacock is the ultimate cheap-shot skill to use on bosses. I can dance all day with guard hopping and just launch multi-homing shots in between the boss's attacks while I regenerate. Only downside is it eats MP like a beast...you could replace Regenerate or Two Hearts with Rune Soul to lessen this, but I probably wouldn't do that on Cruel difficulty, where everything seems to destroy poor little Freesia in like 2 or 3 hits. >_<
I'm suprised no one else has a similar set.

X: Tears of Sol
UP: Crescent Slice
SIDE:Sillouette Mirage
DOWN: Samurai Edge
OP2: Soul Eater/ Hard Turtle

Tears of Sol: General get out of jail free card. Plus it makes getting to higher ground much easier.
Crescent Slice: Just for getting those flyers out of my face.
Sillouette Mirage: Invincible teleport with little to no cooldown? Too good to pass up.
Samurai Edge: I used to have lightnight drop here and samurai edge on side, but since you can aim this skill its fine anywhere. A must have if you want to pinball effectively.
STR UP: I have a hard time saying no to "Do more damage"
Soul Eater: Sometimes I get hit in stages, with the amount of damage I do, I get higher returns with this than with regenerate.
Hard Turtle: For bosses. With this, all you need to do is mash attack and block when you see a hit coming. No problem.
I usually avoid close range moves besides just launching enemies away from me.
Special Skills
* (X) Tetsuzankou
* (UP) Tears of Sol
* (Side) Silhouette Mirage
* (Down) Peacock

* STR Up
* Regenerate / Hand-To-Hand

Close combat all the way, with some Peacocking. Managed to beat Cruel with these. On bosses I switched Regenerate for Hand-To-Hand.
The only time I switched to Peacock & Dodge spam was on Shynie on Cruel, since she's the most annoying boss in the whole game (for me at least).
On bosses overall I pretty much ignored every other skill 'cept Tetsuzankou, so mainly just tended to use that + basic attacks.
[Special Skills]
[X]: Silhouette Mirage
[UP]: Tears of Sol
[L/R]:Sonic Rampage
[DOWN]: Lightning Drop

[Optional Skills]

How to use it:
- Press / Hold [X] and then [any direction] to Mirage that way;
- Press / Hold [a direction] and then [X] to dash like mad;
- Block / Dodge heavy hits;
- Combo like there's no tomorrow;
- ???

Also change MGC boost to Beserker is also a good set!

Dat set.
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