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Single Player Mode?
So the description says single player mode is in the game, but the reviews say it isn't really there. And only 3 maps? Is this all true still, or has stuff been added through an update?

My interest in this game is mostly single player so can anyone suggest if this is worth it or not?
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There is currently 3 single player challenge maps (classic TD), 4 multiplayer maps, and 1 co-op map. The bulk of the game resides in multiplayer matches.
3 Maps only? So it's and MP game. No buy.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Axe; 2013. febr. 7., 11:31
Generally, yes.
There may be only 3 solo map but it will require multiple tries to manage to beat them and the coop one can actually be played on your own so if you plan on spending some free time, i can only recommend this game. Maybe you will be tempted to try out multiplayer after all.
Thanks for the responses. Even though I'm mostly interested in single player, I decided to buy.
Is there any plans for future DLC or updates to include more single player maps?
We're currently working to support community maps using Steam Workshop. Stay tuned for details!
Why is it only a few maps for SP? Kinda disappointing....
Great news SwogDog! Glad I purchased!
Too bad about the lack of SP, that's a turn off for me. I'm not much for MP these days. The game looks intersting though.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: SYSTEM GLITCH; 2013. febr. 7., 16:45
I was going to buy this until i realised it was geared towards multiplayer. I prefer single player strategy/tower defence games.
Good info rules all,
3 maps isnt enough for me to buy but gl to the game and thankyou to nice people posting
SVS SwogDog eredeti hozzászólása:
We're currently working to support community maps using Steam Workshop. Stay tuned for details!

Thanks for this response. You just sold two copies.
^^^ Yeah to the two people who know how to read. :)
Not all people can online all the time.
@[SVS] SwogDog - Thank you for the news, community maps and workshop integration are excellent additions I am excited for - and like lorddon.CoG above - that just decided the case and sold two more copies! :)
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