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Move Warriors to New Base?
I've been playing this game recently (which is crazy fun) but I was wondering if there was a way to move multiple people at the same time? Like can I grab all 4 of my Warrior Dwarfs and move them to a new camp? How about a new location on the map?
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I don't know if it would work when the outpost is still up, but it could be worth a try for you:

According to the codex in the game, "Lost warriors" can be assigned to the town hall or a new outpost by ringing the bell. They need to be within range of it, & there has to be room for them (4 warriors max per outpost, 8 warriors max at town hall).
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There are several ways to do this.

1. Use the town bell on a tower to make sure that it has all its warriors. Then when all warriors are on the stongrounds use the cannon to fire them to a location you want them to go. klick on an outpost to find the town bell and the cannon button.

2.Send warriors to diffrent outposts. if you open the outpost or town menu you can find that there will is a + and - button these make you able to reenforce a town or outpost from other town and outposts. dwarfs will be teleported to the location you press + on. If you have started a dwarf with a star icon. Then klick on the outpost you want him to go to then klick the star icon and then klick on the staricon that you have mared your dwarf with. He will now be moved to that outpost. This only works as long as the dwarf is on the grounds of his own tower or town.

to star a dwarf klick on him and then klick on the star. this will bring a 10 symbol menu. Chose a cymbol. This also means you can find this dwarf on the1234567890 buttons depending on what icon you chose. (think it started on the sword with 1 dont remember)

hope that helps
i clik 1 and thay all go...

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