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fame as a defender

If you play a central defender, you almost never celebrate goals. What are the different ways of improving fame ?
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Play well! Seriously, those celebrations are only very minor. Before i was able to celebrate before tv camera's my fame was already 50+ due playing wel (recieving a 10 star man rating 8 or 9 times in a row helps alot)
I got 10 star man several times in a row, I constantly play ok and my average rating is above 9. My fame is still always going down to 0. Am I supposed to do everything on the pitch ?
I'm very sure fame is bugged, as least for me as a defender. Even playing well doesn't get you anywhere even though it says + fame. Check your fame on your home sheet, then play a game and check the fame given from the review from the manager. Do this constantly and let us know if you're getting weird fame deductions the same as me also. Sometimes it adds as it is supposed to, and sometimes it sneaks in a ninja deduction from you.
Also at bigger league's and bigger clubs it's easier to get fame. Your not gonna get famous in the second division of greece or the 5th division of england.
Postius, what we are doing here is trying to potentially highlight bugs or issues with the game with defenders and over reliance on goals for fame. While i agree with you bigger clubs may potentially give more fame, it seems unjust that small names one get none as you mentioned.

1. You ignored and paid no attention about my main point of what i felt is a bug with defenders of manager review screen doesnt tally up with main home sheet addition/subtractions

2. Claiming fame is "not that important". With 100 fame, sponsors are streaming in, and even though I'm not at full sponsorship unlocks yet, my income has ten folded with sponsors. I can't imagine how much more income i'll be getting as each subsequent sponsor seems to give more then the previous. Maybe its not important for you, it is for me.

3. Consistantly switching to new arguments to support your statement and denying there is no awkward symtoms/bugs that are happening when your previous supporting statements has been proven otherwise.

Such as claiming playing bad as a defender role will net no fame.

Claiming fame comes in slower from small clubs, I've gotten 50+ fame in over 10 matches just from scoring a ton of goals. As a defender with no defending. Which goes back to my main point of defender reliance on goals for fame.

Saying "You're not gonna get famous in second division..." when I already mentioned I have 100 fame now in egyptian league, which goes back to my main purpose of starting the topic which implies fame is affected more by scoring and camera shots.

"at bigger league's and bigger clubs it's easier to get fame", not really. It is easy for me now, just that it ruins gameplay as a defender which i feel is a bug that i have to resort to scoring.

I've just found the developer's email address and will be emailing him and my profile.

I'll just leave it at the benefit of the doubt that the game is bugged only for MYSELF and not everyone else. :)

I notice the devs don't check this forum, so I won't be reading here anymore.

Have fun with the game everyone!
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