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ergotoxin Apr 10, 2018 @ 4:39am
Can you login with steam account on normal client?
Is it possible to use steam account to login into "normal" client, or do you have to use steam client? Can you login with more normal and/or steam accounts on one PC?

Thanks a lot for any input.
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Sunflare Apr 10, 2018 @ 5:06am 

Your question isn't exactly correct.
Here's what you can and what you cannot do. If it answers you question(s), that's good. If not, you can clarify or contact TERA Support.[tera.support.gameforge.com]

You can use the normal launcher to log into your Steam created Tera account, yes. In order to do that, you must link your Steam profile to the Tera website first. This is how:
Link Steam account to TERA website

You cannot use Steam to log into multiple accounts. However, if you linked the wrong account, you can ask Support to unlink it, so you can link the right one. They do this only once, they say.

You can use the normal launcher to log into multiple accounts. It doesn't matter how they were created and whether they are linked to a Steam profile. Being logged into 2 accounts at the same time isn't allowed btw, so avoid doing it. And no, you don't need 2 PCs. Check the Steam section here for reference:
Switching to logging in via the normal launcher doesn't require full game redownloading. Just 45 MB of normal launcher files is enough. However, if your connection is fast and unlimitted in data, you can redownload it if you insist.
You can get a recent copy of my normal launcher files I've uploaded here: {LINK REMOVED} (since the link is censored, click the reply button and you should see it; alternatively, feel free to message me on Discord - Sun#0314). There's short instructions included as a file comment or whatever when I archived it.
Pfff, nevermind the comment - it's bugged. Stupid WinRar! This was supposed to be the comment:
Originally posted by Sunflare:
Unpack and replace the files as you see them in each separate folder.
If switching from Steam to normal launcher, (re)move all files from your main TERA folder (as you have some Steam exclusive files there) before replacing them with those from this archive. Proceed with replacing the files in \Client and \Binaries.

Have fun,

Good luck! o/

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ergotoxin Apr 10, 2018 @ 6:12am 
Thanks a lot, Sunflare!

I just linked the steam account to the website using your link. Me and my girlfriend are very happy now, as we share a common PC! :)

I just wish I followed your help earlier, as I created one extra account on the website and sent a useless ticket to the support. :)
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