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mosu Aug 18, 2014 @ 4:38pm
C9: P2W or F2P
I just wanted to ask you guys if C9 is more pay2win or are there just cosmetic and xp boosters in the item shop where other players who put real money into the game gets even more advantage D:

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Short answer, no. The long answer is that any free to play game, and even various buy to play, or pay to play games will sell pay advantages, so the important thing is the degree of pay advantage available. In C9 the worst are likely a base necklace that can be used to make various rather strong ones that has a very low chance of showing up in a random box, then souls and auspice that provide bonuses to various stats. None of the advantages offered though are so large that you can't get by without them, they just make things somewhat easier, or faster really.

Mind you if you're thinking of playing for the PvP, don't bother. When games like this come here, they're always some sort of "global" release, which absolutely does not mix well with a peer to peer game of this type. If doing PvE, you can pick who you play with, and play with people you have a good ping with, in ranked PvP, it matches you with people, and as is always the case in these games, the latency/lag when you play with anyone, can be pretty bad at times. This is also a very PvE centric game, PvP just just an optional something on the side, if you don't like PvE in games, you likely won't enjoy C9 due to how much PvE you'll need to do.
mosu Aug 19, 2014 @ 5:46am 
Okay, then I have another question. Is this game really dead? I mean are there enough players which can play with you? D:
Robonator Aug 19, 2014 @ 6:04am 
Originally posted by Mosu:
Okay, then I have another question. Is this game really dead? I mean are there enough players which can play with you? D:

There are alot of players, atleast on the EU server but there aren't as many as there could be.
Drazah Aug 19, 2014 @ 7:09pm 
Depends on what you consider "Winning".
If you have fun just playing alone in a corner not paying attention to anyone around you or what gear they wear/use. "Then short answer is No."

This game is not pay to win as your definition of "winning" is just enjoying the game for the game itself (singleplayer basically)

If you do care what other people are wearing and how you stack up to them in comparison, then YES. THIS GAME IS HEAVILY PAY TO WIN.

There are quite a few things you'll need to match other players gear that can be done EASILY just by paying money.
If you don't spend any money, you're going to have to spend months to match the players who buy just a few webzen coins. (But won't ever match those who have spent thousands unless you do as well)

There's unique weapons that cost 150-500m gold.
There's unique accessories that could cost anywhere from 100m-1b
There's enhance stones/chaos stones/primers that significantly help you enhance your weapons to +17-18. (Nearly impossible without spending $)

There's also a TON of wcoin buyers on all servers. (More so on SEA)
You'll find a lot of people fully decked out, having already spent thousands on this game.
You won't be able to match that kind of gear if you spent 0$ and played for 6-8 months.

The guy who responded earlier I'm pretty sure is a VL or C9 Mod that's trying to falsely promote this game by lying to newcomers.

He's been here for a very long time responding to all posts/inquiries to topics for as long as i've seen this game's forums.

I on the otherhand have played this game since beta, loved it at first - saw it go downhill fast and was sad to see it deterioate to the state it's at now.

I truly wish this game had held up properly in both PvE/PvP, but it's currently a trainwreck they're milking dry. (Specially the US server)

My Advice, Try it - if you enjoy the gameplay, play it for just that. Don't get involved in the community and try not to pay attention to all the overgeared people around you.
This is not a competitive game, nor is it a fair game.

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You do not need unique grade items. There are six grades of items that follow a direct sequence of one grade being better than the last. Off to the side of that are two others, epic, and unique. Unique grade items in C9 are those ultra rare "look at me, aren't I special for having this thing most people will never have" items. They tend to fall between the level requirements of the other items, they'll have some good stats, but weapons also always seem to have negative stats (which other item grades don't have) that could for instance significantly reduce important stats for a time, or hit you with a DoT, that could kill you.

Unique weapons are also only gained as in-game drops from certain chests, so he's basically saying this is pay to win as players charge a lot of in-game currency, for in-game items. They're good sure, but you can also do VERY well with perfect, and master grade items. Some of the highest ranked people in PvP for instance don't use unique items, so the idea that they are a necessity is false.

After an online game has been out for a while, there's always going to be some people going around claiming how the game is crap, the company behind it is pure evil, claims how it was so much better before, and attacks those that still like it. It doesn't matter what online game you want to talk about, it always seems to happen eventually. I'm also just a normal player, not a GM, VL, or anything of the sort. I like the game, because I like the game.

After a while in any online game there will also always be a minority of people that just have all of the stuff, as they've invested a LOT of time, and perhaps money into the game. Part of the rush at the launch of any online game is those people trying to get to the top, so they can start hoarding their immense wealth. If the idea that there will be power players in the game concerns you, avoid all online games.
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